My bridesmaids live all over the country. How can they get involved in planning?

For most of you, there is a bridesmaid or two who lives across the country or even across the world. Having a team of bridesmaids is a perk, because you get to enjoy planning together and have little helpers who always volunteer their services with a smile on their faces.

But what if you really need (or just want) the help but it just isn't plausible for them to get here in person to help you plan? Here are some of our favorite ways to get your bridesmaids involved, from anywhere in the world!


Vendor Research

This is the not-so-fun part of planning, because it isn't an easy task narrowing down hundreds of thousands of vendors to just one! So assign each bridesmaid the task of getting packages and pricing from potential vendors, checking their date availability, and narrowing that list down to 2-3 option for you to then choose from! Then all the legwork is done, and you get to stick to the fun part :)

Just make sure you give your bridesmaids a list of questions to ask so they are properly narrowing your list down for you.

The Amburgeys

The Amburgeys


Party Planning

The engagement party, the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party are all fun events for your bridesmaids to plan. And it really is a lot of fun to be surprised! least it was for me. So let your ladies plan away and keep your little hands out of it.

Make sure you plan these parties far in advance, so there is enough time for everyone to make their travel plans and get the best travel deals.


The DIY's and the Small Stuff

Who likes making escort cards anyways? I sure don't and I've never met a couple who does. (Maybe you're the exception?) If you trust the artistic abilities AND you know that they will not forget to bring them on the wedding weekend, assign your bridesmaids all of the little crafty things!

Nancy Orozco Photography

Nancy Orozco Photography



Isn't technology just crazy? Facetime your bridesmaid into your venue appointments or your dress appointments. They can ask questions that you may forget to ask, be there as a second pair of eyes to help make your decision, and just make it so they are actually there with you, as you always imagined they would be!


Group Messaging

Have a Facebook group or text group just for your ladies so everyone can get in on the action. Text everyone when you book your photographer so they can look up their stunning work, or when you finally choose a date so they can mark their calendars. Little updates along the way make it more fun for everyone!