Date Night // Vegetarian Frittata Recipe

Written with love, by Sarah-Elizabeth Stone

Once in a while, date night is traded for girl’s night. Those thrilling occasions where we let go of our comfortable routines, pour a few glasses of wine and have a great evening. Our fabulous fiancés and partners are banished to another section of the home, and left to fend for themselves.  These are the special occasions where we all get into the kitchen and decide a wine infused late night treat might be in order.  Something simple, yet delicious. A meal that’s easy to cook and you won’t regret it in the morning (unlike that last glass of wine).

Whether you’ve traded the date night for your girlfriends, or want to make a quick and fun meal, frittatas are your fantastic go-to dish!



·         ½ fresh mint leaf

Vegetarian Frittata Recipe

·         1 tsp of basil

·         1 tsp of parsley

·         1 spring of rosemary

·         2 cloves of garlic

·         1 tsp of oregano

·         1 small onion, chopped

·         8-10 eggs

·         ¼ cup of ricotta cheese

·         ¼ cup of chopped asparagus



Vegetarian Frittata Recipe

1.       Chop up herbs, mushrooms, garlic, onion, asparagus and any other fresh veggies/meat you’d like to add

2.       In a large mixing bowl, whisk  8-10 eggs, depending on the size of your frittata

3.       Mix chopped ingredients into the whisked eggs, stir well

4.       On medium heat, in a large frying pan, cook for roughly 6-8 minutes per side. Make sure to really grease the pan, whether using Pam or butter

A note on flipping your frittata; wait until the top is no longer liquid before flipping onto a dinner plate, then flipping back onto the frying pan.

Vegetarian Frittata Recipe
Vegetarian Frittata Recipe