What you MUST Ask Potential Wedding Vendors (and there are only 3)

I cannot STAND the millions on millions of blog posts that list out what you need to ask your potential wedding vendors...and yet, I am writing one now. Ironic?

Forget about the type of camera they have or how many times they have coordinated a wedding at your venue.

And reviews?? Yes, if you see terrible reviews, then head for the hills. But only a couple reviews is definitely not a red flag, because every vendor has to start somewhere right? The best photographer in the world had zero reviews at one point in their career. Get my drift?

Because let me tell you, all of those lists of questions really don't matter. No matter how many blogs tell you so, can you please just ignore them this once?

So I am going to keep this one short and sweet.


These are the ONLY things you need to ask (and learn) about potential wedding vendors:

1. Is the price right?

2. Do you like their past work? Like not just one photo, but a lot of it?

3. Do your personalities mesh well?

That's all you need to know. It's a lot less complicated than you thought, huh?