6 "Something Old" Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Last week we showed you some of our favorite something blue ideas and while something old is a bit more personal, we wanted to share some of our favorites that we have seen at weddings. And it may help create a little spark for you to decide on your something old for your wedding day!


A Something Old Brooch

This is a photo of a bride having her "something old" pinned to her wedding dress. It was a brooch that her grandmother and mother both wore on their wedding days. How adorable is that?? Photo by The Bride List preferred vendor Bolt Photography.


A Sixpence

A couple of months before my mom was married, my grandmother (her mom) found a sixpence on her travels around the world. And because it is said to be good luck, my mom stuck it in her shoe as she married the love of her life. And just a couple of weeks before my wedding, my grandma was travel (as she does frequently) and found this sixpence on the street. And so, I wore it as my something old in my shoe on my wedding day! Click the photo on the right to order your own!

Christopher Todd Studios

Christopher Todd Studios

Something Old Jewelry Bouquet

This bride wanted to incorporate her Grandmother's jewelry collection into her bouquet as a tribute. And as soon as I saw this bridal bouquet, I was speechless with chills all over my body. Isn't this the most stunning bouquet you've ever seen?

It was made from The Bride List preferred vendor To Hold & To Have.


Something Old Jewelry

While you may or may not have access to your mother's or grandmother's jewelry collection, antique shopping is one way to incorporate something old into your wardrobe, while sticking to your personal bridal style! Click the photo to order these stunning something old earrings!


Antique Handkerchief

This antique handkerchief is the perfect something old, whether it is borrowed, ordered online (click photo to order) or found at an antique shop. But how do you use it?? My favorite way to use an antique handkerchief like this one is to use it as your bouquet wrap. Stunning, right?


Something Old Silk Bouquet

This silk bouquet is made from the Bride's mother's wedding dress! You could use any piece of her dress to use as part of your own wardrobe. Click the photo to get your own bridal bouquet made!

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