5 Must Ask Questions for Potential Photobooth Vendors

Written with love, by Erika Crespo


‘Tis the season to . . .get hitched! If you’re a Bride or Groom on the verge of cementing your union as one, we know your mind must be all over the place right now.

“What venue will we have the reception at?”

“Who will cater our food?”

“Which makeup artist can I trust the most?”

“Will our DJ play the right songs?”

The list of questions, as you know, goes on. And we’re willing to bet the question of “should we hire a photo booth?” has popped up between you two lovebirds, especially as the popularity of these booths at weddings continues to grow. If you’re considering this option, there are a few questions you should be asking of each photo booth vendor who is competing for your business. Because just like everything else in life, no two vendors are alike.

1. Do you have references?

Hey, when you’re interviewed for jobs you’re asked the same question. Isn’t that what these vendors are doing --applying to be HIRED by you? If you are dealing with a reputable company, this request should not make them bat an eye. In fact, if they don’t happily offer up a couple references as well as their contact information, you may want to move on. Don’t forget to do your own homework and researching your vendors on sites like Yelp.

2. Is there an attendant operating the booth at all times?

Many assume this is a given, while many others assume the booth can run itself (technology, right?). We’re here to tell you: There should always, always be an attendant manning the booth. Or else, who is responsible for the product you are paying for? Who will save the day when little cousin Maggie hits the “Delete All” button on the accompanying computer? You get the point.

3. Can my photo strips be personalized?

It’s pretty standard for most photo strips to come customized with names and dates. But remember, these strips may be the one thing your guests hold on to for years after your wedding. They’ll forever leave an impression of your special day. Just as you asked for references, ask your vendor for examples of customizations they’ve done in the past, as well as their graphic design capabilities. (Customizable font? Colors? Designs? Layout?). As an example (and an excuse for us to show-off) below are two examples. One we did for a recent wedding, and one “the other guy” did. Which would you prefer your guests to go home with?

4. What if my guests want extra prints?

In the age of social media, having your own strip to go home with is great --but what to do about all those connections on Facebook who DON’T get to partake in your big day? And what if your guests want the freedom to print out more copies as well as tag themselves to be visible online? At the very least, your vendor should provide you a CD after the event with all images. Bonus points if they put them them up on their Facebook page in their own neat little album the very next day, for all to see, tag, and print. (Cough, cough. . .guess who does that?)

5. Can we come see the booth?

This is your BIG day. You don’t want some janky piece of cardboard in the corner of your reception area that looks more like a fire hazard than a legitimate accessory to your party. Vendors should allow you to schedule an appointment to stop by their offices and check out what you’re paying for. This is also a great opportunity to meet the staff and make sure your personalities and goals for your day align. 


There you have it. If you’re able to check off these 5 questions with ease, chances are you’re about to say “I Do” to your photo booth vendor. If you live in Southern California and are scratching your head on who to call, well --we’re always happy to talk.

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From the booking to the follow up after the event, we believe the Photo Booth experience should not only be simple but enjoyable too. Quick communication is one of our strengths and makes working with us stress free and will help you stay clear headed and focused.

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