7 Items Every Bride-to-Be Must Have

There are some things in this world that every bride-to-be just has to have. While most of them are pretty darn useful for anyone, engaged or not, these items are absolutes for the stunning bride-to-be as soon as he pops the question!

So whether you are engaged or are searching for some great (and very useful!) gift ideas for your favorite bride-to-be, I think you should listen up!

Bling Wipes


For those of you who have been following The Overwhelmed Bride for a while know, you already are aware of how much I LOVE Bling Wipes. I am now on my third box of them and have yet to find another product that cleans my rings as well as these! I mean, they like get into the tiny little stones along my band and everything!

And the coolest part?? The little box of Bling Wipes which are individually wrapped for each use, fit nicely right in my purse so I can clean on the go!

Can't get much better than that!

"The Overwhelmed Bride" Book


No one likes a bridezilla and although you may not notice at the time, you will look back and 100% regret some of the actions you took or the words you said to some of your friends and family if you fall into that bridezilla trap.

So avoid it altogether (or prevent your bride-to-be friend from turning into one) by reading our quick guide to staying stress-free while planning your wedding!

"The Overwhelmed Bride" talks about the biggest stress points when it comes to planning a wedding and teaches you how to overcome them, or prevent that stress from the start! And it is a great reference point throughout planning :)

It is available in print or on Kindle so enjoy it any way that your heart desires!

Personalized Silverware from For Such A Time Designs

We are totally swooning over these adorable spoons! You can use them for a proposal (men, listen up!) - wake up to your morning coffee and your spoon reads, "Will you marry me?" That sure would get your day off to a great start!

You can use them on your wedding day or even just as a fun keepsake!

We just love all of the designs they have thought of!

Bridal Workout Apparel from Fit Affinity


While some of you may be shedding for the wedding and others just toning those biceps and triceps for your strapless gown, the workout apparel from Fit Affinity is customized for every bride-to-be!

Not only are they the cutest workout shirts I've seen in a while, but personally, I think they provide some motivation to go to the gym! Because who doesn't get excited to workout when there is some new apparel in your drawer?

Ring Holder from KinshipCreations

While I wear my engagement ring and wedding band pretty much everywhere - to sleep, to the gym, while I am washing my hands - there is one time every day when I take it off. And that is when I shower!

My ring holder has been such a lifesaver and the most useful gift I've ever gotten. I don't have to worry about my rings sitting on the counter and getting pushed down the drain, or misplacing them, because if they're not on my left hand, they're hanging on my ring holder.

And you just have to explore their shop to see all of the adorable holders they have to fit your style!

The Bride Box

I just can't say enough amazing things about this company. Being their new monthly columnist totally makes this item a must have. Just kidding! Well, I am ecstatic to be working with The Bride Box each and every month to provide useful content for all of their subscribers, but that is definitely not the reason they are so cool.

The Bride Box provides brides-to-be with a ton of wedding-related items that are incredibly useful...and they switch it up every month! Not only will you get some cool stuff, but you will be introduced to some of the most amazing vendors and products that you may not have ever thought of using before!

So whether you are a bride-to-be or are looking for the best possible gift to get your favorite bride-to-be, this is it!

Accessories from Stella & Dot

I am a firm believer that accessories are a must. While I never over-do my looks, one or two items are always a way to make your statement.

And what better time to put your accessories to use than throughout all of the parties that come along with your engagement where YOU are the center of attention! You have your engagement parties, your bridal showers, your bachelorette parties, your rehearsal dinner, and of course, your wedding day!

There is no better time to step up your accessory game and Stella & Dot has the absolute cutest products for you...and maybe even a gift for your bridesmaids!