A day in the life of a wedding blogger

I know I know. This has nothing really to do with weddings, minus the fact that I am a WEDDING blogger and WEDDING coordinator. But in any case, I wanted to give you a little back story on this article before I start...

Last week, my husband texted me from work in the late morning, and here is how our conversation went:

Now the soup part will come into play a little later, but first I would like to point out the fact that I had such a productive morning so far, but had no idea what I had gotten done! Sounds a bit crazy right??

And thus, came the idea of "A day in the life..." Honestly, this post is going to be a bit selfish. Because really, I wanted to track my day in order to see what I really did all day long and why everything really took up an entire day! And maybe to show my hubby that I am actually working every day and not sipping margaritas by the pool?? hehe Just kidding. But really, I wanted to do this for my own sake and I figured, "Hey, there may be some people out there that are thinking the exact same thing."

"What the heck does she really do all day?"

So the following day (last Friday), I tracked my day and here it goes:

8:00am – Woke up, made some coffee (aka pressed start on my Keurig), brushed my teeth, washed my face.

*Side Note: This is totally sleeping in for me. I generally wake up around 7, even on the weekends!

8:10am - Took Baxter (our Boxer puppy) out to the park for his morning duties and put a scoop of food in his bowl when we got back home.

8:20am - Prepared some breakfast of vanilla yogurt, granola, and strawberries to eat while working since I was off to a late start!

8:30am - Posted our Friday Bridal Boutique article featuring Bling Wipes live to our website. Posted the link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and emailed the post to my intern, Ashley, to continue promoting next week since she has Fridays off!

8:40am - Emails, emails, emails. I went through all of my emails and responded to all. I cannot stand having even one email in my inbox...yes, I'm crazy like that. I had around 30 in there, with a couple of instant replies to respond back to. I had emails regarding booking a florist for one of my August couples - discussing with the florist, bride, and groom through our email chain. I had a couple of emails about an upcoming shoot from vendors whose items we would be using and a couple of other wedding professional inquiries from vendors who are interested in partnering with us!

9:15am - Set up my new email for a another wedding company I just became a part owner of (more to come on this! :)) And yes, it was extremely annoying. I should have just been able to type in my email and password and click "enter" but no, technology just HAD to be difficult with me. I spent a whole 20 minutes on this alone! But I persevered and it's all set up now. So it's all good :)

9:35am - Received an email with photos from a recent shoot with Bleudog Fotography and downloaded all photos to my computer. And of course, I had to look through them all too :)

9:50am - Called my dad to confirm all details of our mini vacation coming up next week!! Woohoo!

10:05am - Emailed back and forth with Ashley (intern) about a new series we will be starting in the next couple of weeks! Sent her all of the details on what we need to prepare and when we need it all by...stay tuned!

10:15am - Took Baxter to the park again to do his duties, get a little sun, and run around a bit.

10:35am - Interview with Wedding-Bali for an upcoming article on me for their site! This was my very first interview all about me and I cannot wait to share it with you all as soon as it is published :)

11:45am - Headed out to get some soup for the hubby (yes, this is where the soup comes into play from the text conversation above) because he is sick! Thank goodness Target is close! I got him chicken noodle, tomato, and clam chowder, as requested. And since I was out, I stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond on the way home to get a new bed sheet set, since Baxter decided to eat through the sheet AND pillow topper in order to tear apart the tempur-pedic pad :/

Another Note: You may or may not have noticed, but I never said anything about putting clothes or makeup on. And that's because I didn't (well, I did put on a sports bra). I figured I would snap a quick photo of what I ran errands looking like - not as glamorous as you imagined, huh? And yes, that is a tank top, workout pants, boots, no makeup, and a messy ponytail, still in my hair from the night before. And Baxter just had to pose for the photo too!

12:20pm - Got home from my errands and heated up the tomato soup. Hubby came home for lunch and we ate lunch together just like we do every day of the week!

12:45pm - Frank's lunch is over so it's time for me to start working again!
Back to more emails I've gotten throughout the day!

1:15pm - Threw in a load of laundry (yes, I am a housewife too!)

1:20pm - Washed the lunch dishes because it is not the easiest to work with a couple of bowls and plates in the sink calling my name!

1:30pm - Preparing, timelining, and last minute details for our shoot next Wednesday! I followed up with the companies whose items I have not yet received in the mail, just to be sure that I will be getting them by Tuesday. I wrote out a list of all items that we would be shooting for The Bridal Boutique, confirmed details with Hair & Makeup Artist, Model (friend), and Photographer.

2:15pm - Emailed intern for the new company I now am a part owner of to set up an interview...now that my email is ready to go!

2:20pm - Time to take Baxter to the park again!

2:30pm - Call with another photographer for a shoot we have coming up in two weeks! It will be for a new blog series, coming soon!

3:00pm - Switched out the laundry and added another load.

3:05pm - Wrote Saturday's blog post.

3:50pm - Outlined all blog posts for the following week!

5:10pm - Frank gets home from work and I am done for the day...well, sort of...

As you all know, I am constantly pinning new inspiration to Pinterest, posting on Instagram and Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter, and am always seeking out (and finding) new ideas and inspiration for all of you to see! So when my work day is done, I am definitely not done (sorry Frank!). I continue posting throughout the day, sometimes even very late at night.

And while it may not be as glamorous as it seems, I am a wedding blogger, wedding coordinator, dog sitter, and housewife all at the same time...and I love every minute of it!

So now you all know (and I now know) what it is that I do all day :)

And that's just one day in the life of a wedding blogger.