A Quick Workout for Brides

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Are you getting ready to say "YES" to the dress?

While today's workout is great for pulling-in and perking-up the muscles that you're most aware of during dress shopping - booty, arms and abs - I also want to give you three tips to feel more confident from the inside out before you hit the salons:

1. Stay hydrated - drinking enough water each day reduces bloating, boosts metabolism and does wonders for your skin and energy levels.

2. Nurture yourself - it's hard to feel confident if you constantly think that you're not enough. Spend quality time each day loving on yourself in body, mind and spirit.

3. Move your body ... in a way that makes you feel great! Try today's workout and see how it feels for you, but also adapt it to suit your needs. Want to add a dance break in the middle of the burpees? Go ahead and break it down!


quick at home workout for brides