A Romantic Greenhouse Engagement

“Drew sent Courtney on a journey to all of her favorite places. About mid day he had told her he had a special date planned for the both of them and that she must be ready by a specific time. Her sister came in her room and handed her an envelope labeled #1. She read the card and walked to the first place Drew ever told her that he loved her. There her mother and father were there anxiously awaiting what was no longer their little girl. They began praying with her and reminded her just how much she meant to them. They then handed her two envelopes labeled 2 & 3. She read number two so quickly as journeyed to Caney where the couple officially got the label of “boyfriend and girlfriend.” There she met with Bailey, Courtney’s spiritual mentor. She walked her through what being a wife meant and also grabbed hands and prayed for what was to come. As soon as Courtney got back into the car, bawling of course, she set out in another journey to the place that card #3 had said. The place the couple first met, Drew’s high school gym. They were introduced by there parents there after one of Courtney’s volleyball games that took place at Dewey. There parents, funny enough, went to High School in Sedan KS together. Anyways, there Courtney met with Drew’s parents. They spoke truth into her and his mother even shared a very heart felt letter with Courtney. She left the gym only to end up at Drew’s Church (FBC Dewey). Her card that lead her there, said “go to the place that I first fell in love with you and plan to marry you.” So the suspense in this moment was beyond crazy. She arrived and walked in the doors. There were pictures of be couples most fun memories hung everywhere. As she opened the doors that lead to the staged Drew has candles lit all the way to the front of the building. He lit Moreno candles in the shape of a cross and had Courtney’s favorite song playing (I Do by Matthew West). As she approached Drew she couldn’t help but smile and cry the most excited tears. The first thing Drew did was grab her hands and pray. As soon as he said “Amen” he got down on one knee and the rest is history!”

Photography: Loretta Lewis Photography | Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church of Dewey | Floral: Flowerland | Rentals: Abco Rents & Sells Inc | Hair: Raw HAIRitage | Wedding Dress: David's Bridal | Groom's Attire: Men’s Wearhouse | Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulu's | Veil: JJs House | Submitted via: Matchology