Beyond the Lens: Behind the Scenes

If you've ever wondered where I get the photos for my blogs, here is a real live look at our "Beyond the Lens" photoshoot!

You may not know this already, but all of the "models" I use are every day men and women, just like you and me. Like is me. No models, no experience. And the reason I do this? It is very simple. As you know, The Overwhelmed Bride is all about keeping you stress-free throughout planning and especially through your wedding day. And for some of you, stress comes from the thought of having to stand in front of a camera. Well, I promise you, everyone can do it. Personally, I don't let getting my photo taken - you should've seen how awkward I was each and every time I tried to find a place to put my hands! We are every day people, with no modeling experience whatsoever so I promise you, you can do it too :)

I got them each an engagement ring so they could best play the part ;)

I got them each an engagement ring so they could best play the part ;)

Meagan finally done after hours of shooting!

Meagan finally done after hours of shooting!

Theresa shooting my husband and I (that was the dress I wore on my wedding day!)

Theresa shooting my husband and I (that was the dress I wore on my wedding day!)

Meet the "Models"

This is my little sister, Alicia. She is just your average college student (well, above average in my eyes!). No modeling experience, but doesn't she look stunning? And for those of you who read our "What Not to Wear" post, that was her posing with my husband, her brother-in-law. What a trooper, isn't she?!


This beautiful girl (below) is one of my best friends, Meagan. I asked her to come along on a shoot with us and she didn't think twice! How did I get so lucky to have such amazing friends??


And our male model is my husband, Frank. If you hadn't noticed, he posed with all of the female models in the shoot, my little sister and best friend. Most husbands would not be willing to do that. Let's be real, most wouldn't be willing to do a shoot at all! But he is always there to help me, whenever I need it. Isn't he the best?

And, of course, this one is me! You know enough about me (hint: there is an "about me" tab at the top of this site!) so there is no need to say anything else :)


Meet Our Photographers

You know the girl I quoted throughout this series, well this is her in action on the shoot! Meet Theresa, the wonderful co-owner of Theresa Bridget Photography. I don't need to say much else about her because you have already seen her beautiful work!


Meet Greg! Want to know something cool? He is Theresa's {almost} 7 days!!! So they really know what it's like to be in your shoes AND they get to work together! Jealous!!


Did you read our post on hiring a professional wedding photographer vs. a photographer friend? Well here she is, our stand in "photographer friend." A special thanks to Michelle for coming along and allowing us to illustrate that post!

Hair & Makeup

Just as you will be doing on your wedding day, we all got up early and headed to the salon in Orange County to get our hair and makeup done! And yes, we did have a couple of mimosas to celebrate our wedding day :)

And want to know the coolest part?? We had just one hair/makeup artist who styled every single one of us! And why is that so cool? 1. There are very few stylists who can work that fast and diligently, exactly what you want to look for in a wedding stylist and 2. There are few stylists that are able to do such a variety of beautiful hairstyles.

If you haven't already checked her site out, she is the amazing Devon Duff (and yes, she is a celebrity stylist too!). And she is willing (and happy) to travel!

The Dresses

The beautiful dresses that were featured through this series are all from the most amazing salon, Love and Lace Bridal & Tailor. Not many people know this, but Ramona, owner of the salon, donates part of every dress that is purchased to charity. Now that is not something you find every day, is it?? To me, that is beyond wonderful.

If you are in the Southern California area, I would highly recommend stopping by :)