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best long lash mascara for weddings

Over the past four weeks I had the opportunity to try out a new eyelash product called GrandeLASH-MD. While skeptical at first (even with so many positive reviews out there), I was thoroughly impressed with the results.

And it got me to thinking, “I know that there are a lot of brides out there who will love this!”

Last year, I did a series on bridal makeup and how to choose a bridal makeup artist for your wedding day. And with a friend who was currently engaged, she became the model for our demonstrative shoot. One of the first items the makeup artist asked was about skin allergies and it just so happened that this bride was allergic to eyelash glue.

Now most brides use fake eyelashes on their wedding day but in this case, that wasn’t an option and for many of us, fake eyelashes just aren’t comfortable.

The GrandeLASH system, however, was definitely a life changer for that very reason!

best long lash mascara for weddings

The three products that I have been using over the past month are:

-       GrandeLASH-MD

-       GrandePRIMER

-       GrandeMASCARA

GrandeLASH-MD helped enhance my lashes to a long, thick, and healthy look through a nightly application, GrandePRIMER was used before mascara, and then I topped it off with GrandeMASCARA to finish off the look. And the results were amazing!


My lashes look incredible! And I didn’t even use an eyelash curler…can you believe it?


So this is definitely a game changer for the brides out there who don’t want to use fake lashes on their wedding day and for the events leading up to it. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you have the same experience that I did!

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best long lash mascara for weddings

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are the opinions of myself. I will never give positive affirmation on a product I don’t love.