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Sponsored with love by Lucky Maiden

I really loved my wedding day. I loved everything about it. It was magical, it was beautiful and it was perfect just for us. So while there isn't really anything huge I'd change about my wedding day, if I could go back and change one thing I'd change this:

I'd have bought a custom bridal hanger.

And I am sure there are so many brides out there who would agree. They're gorgeous, they make for the most stunning pre-wedding photos and they're the perfect keepsake for after your wedding day. Oh yeah, and they make some pretty perfect bridesmaid gifts if you as me.

Lucky Maiden makes the most gorgeous bridal hangers -- they've got wooden engraved bridesmaid hangers, custom wire bride and bridesmaid hangers, engraved monogram wooden wedding day hangers and just some of the most gorgeous fonts and details. 

Click the button below to browse their gorgeous wedding hanger selection and to see all of the other fun wedding day ideas they've got in the shop! You're going to love what you find!