Choosing Your Videographer

Today we are going to go over questions you need to ask when choosing a videographer! Now, the most important thing is to look at their past work!! Do you like what you see? Do you only like one video you saw? Viewing the work they have done in the past will quickly and easily help you determine whether or not this is someone you would like to hire...of course, price plays a role too :)
So here are the questions you will need to ask to determine
1) if you are getting a quote for everything you are going to want and need and
2) if this is the right videographer for you!

What is the length of the edit?
A company many include different lengths at different price levels so keep this in mind! An average, a highlight video for a wedding is 10-12 minutes and some go up to 15-20 minutes.
What is your turnaround time? 
Every bride wants to post her video on Facebook the day she gets back from her honeymoon! I know I did :) So make sure you ask how long it will take to make the edit! Generally, it will range from 2 weeks to a month
after the wedding.
How many hours are included?
This will just ensure that you get everything fit into their schedule from getting ready to cake cutting and dancing at the end of the night!

Will I get to choose my music?
They have a TON of experience in editing these videos so make sure you ask for suggestions as well and look at past videos to see what you like! Just because you love a song, doesn't mean it will go well with your video and capture your day perfectly! Remember, they are the experts so ask for their advice before making any final decisions!
If worse comes to worse, ASK FOR THEIR PAST WORK! If you like what you see, typically you are going to love your end result!

And here is my wedding video by AfterDark Media :)