Date Night Recipe // Guacamole Wraps

Written with love, by Sarah-Elizabeth Stone

date night ideas - guacamole wrap recipe

The deep freeze has begun. For the great majority of people, January is cold and bitter. A lot of couples find themselves digging out of the Christmas money pit, or changing up their diets to compensate for the 'No Calories in December' rule.  I begin to get loured in by fast food and easy options as dark and cold makes for little inspiration. All I find myself wanting is easy and warm food that fills me up.

So I've come up with the perfect combination of foods that make for a filling meal, that's warm and won't make you feel like you've been cooking for hours. Pair with a nice hot soup, under your cozy blanket and you've got yourself a stellar night ahead.



date night ideas - guacamole wrap recipe

•         2-3 avocados
•         1 small white onion, chopped
•         1 head of garlic
•         1 tsp of lemon juice
•         1 tsp of lime juice
•         2 tomatoes, slice
•         1 cups of cubed cheese
•         6 pita or tortilla

date night ideas - guacamole wrap recipe


1.      In a bowl shell the avocado, and mush it into a paste. Mix in lemon and lime juice

2.      In a frying pan, over medium heat, stir the onion, garlic and sliced tomatoes (you could also add chicken or bacon)

3.      Spread the guacamole onto the tortilla bread, add in the tomato mixture, top with cheese and fold

4.      Experiment with adding  mayonnaise or ranch for different tastes

date night ideas - guacamole wrap recipe