Date Night Recipe // Dijon Chicken

Written with love, by Sarah-Elizabeth Stone

date night ideas // dijon chicken holiday recipe

I believe that December 1st truly marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The radio hosts cat-call us into shopping for insane sales, men and women alike scale questionable ladders to set up lights, and the most obvious sign the Christmas Season has begun is the barrage of people lining the street to watch the parade. Screaming children, overtired mothers and several cold and unhappy employees trucking along down a closed off road truly mark the beginning of the holiday season.

And as cynical as I make myself sound, I’m probably the furthest thing from it. My husband and I are one of ‘those’ couples who send out disgustingly cute Christmas cards. My table cloth has had a Christmas theme since Thanksgiving, every Christmas movie we own has been on repeat and you better believe that my tree is going up this weekend. I pride myself in having the pleasure, nay, the obligation to shove Christmas down my friends and family’s throats. I am that person.

This recipe is perfect to get you into the Holiday spirit. I love making sauces this time of year – it all feels so festive!


·         1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard

date night ideas // dijon chicken holiday recipe

·         ½ cup of half and half cream

·         ½ cup of chicken stock

·         1 tablespoon of butter

·         1 teaspoon of honey

·         ½ teaspoon of sage

·         ½ teaspoon of parsley

·         ½ - 1 teaspoon of flour

·         2-4 chicken breasts

·         Salt and pepper to taste



1. On medium heat, brown the chicken (about 3-5 minutes per side) with salt and pepper, set aside & keep warm

2. In a sauce pan, or frying pan, heat up butter and chicken stock

3. Add in parsley and sage, stir and add in chicken to finish cooking for roughly 15 minutes, keep an eye that the chicken stock mixture does not evaporate

4. Once the chicken is finished cooking, remove from the frying pan and use the remaining stock mix to make the sauce

5. Keep sauce on medium heat, add in Dijon mustard, cream and honey, stir well

6. Add in flour to thicken the sauce, and serve warm in top of chicken

date night ideas // dijon chicken holiday recipe