Designer Interview: Judy Lee

"Who is Ju.Lee?  She is my alter ego.  She believes in true love.  She loves to travel and be inspired by the people and cultures in different cities.  But most importantly, she wants to share her journey with brides (you) who want unique romantic dresses made locally with flattering fits.

I started Iridescence Bridal Couture in 2006 with the dream and passion of helping other brides to design the perfect wedding dresses for their magical days.  After countless hours of consultations, sewing, beading, stitching, and fittings, this journey has led me to focus not only on the design of the dresses, but also the fit in relations to different body types. 

When it comes to wedding dresses, I look for elegant designs and charming details with just the right touch of dazzle.  Nothing over the top.  I want the bride (you) to look and feel effortlessly beautiful without trying too hard.  This is my design philosophy."

     - Judy Lee, Ju.Lee Collection

What brought you into the wedding industry?

After designing and making my own wedding dress in 2005, I was completely head over heels in love with the beauty of weddings.  A woman may have worn numerous dresses in her life, but she will never forget what she wore on her wedding day.  Being a part of this important moment in her life is what made me become a bridal dress designer.

You have a great idea! What do you do next?

Once I have an idea, I will immediately sketch it on paper.  Because ideas come and go, it’s important to jot down my ideas right away.  Then I begin to find the right fabrics and materials that will best express the ideas.  The hardest part is always editing the designs and details because there are so many amazing options and possibilities!

What gives you your inspiration for new designs?

The collection is inspired by vintage details and silhouettes but each design is inspired by a place that I have either visited or wanted to visit around the world.  I’ve always been intrigued by the old world charm but want to reinterpret bridal fashion for the modern bride.

Where do the names of each gown come from?

The name of each design is inspired by a city or landmark around the world.  I’m always captivated by the architectural designs and the unique lifestyles of the people who live there.  For example, “Chicago” is inspired by famous museums and architectures from the city with the creative use of fabric blocking.

What fabrics do you absolutely love working with?

I adore laces, chiffons, and charmeauses.  They are very elegant and soft and drape so beautifully.  

Do you design with a specific bride in mind?

She is bold and stylish and is not afraid to be unique.  Although she may not be a traditional bride, she believes in tradition and is still a true romantic at heart but embraces the unexpected.  My brides are positively originals and are admired and adored by those around her. 

Who would you love to see in one of your gowns?

I’d love to see Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde in one of my dresses!  Their elegance and beauty are mesmerizing but in a fearless sexy way. 

What advice do you have for my brides who are in search for their perfect wedding gown?

Brides should know their body shapes and unique body features when shopping for wedding dresses.  They should not base their decisions from Pinterest or magazine clip outs on models that are size 0 and airbrushed.  The best wedding dress should flatter her body in a way that dauntlessly highlights her assets and discretely camouflage the flaws.  When the dress fits perfectly, it will look amazing even if it’s a simple design.

Can you inspire us with a couple of your gowns and the type of wedding you see them going perfectly with?

"Los Angeles"

“Los Angeles” is perfect for a traditional wedding because of its universally flattering silhouette with a classic, elegant design. 


“Miami” is designed for beach weddings because it is flirty and functional – a floor length flowy skirt with side pockets make it easy to dance the night away on the sand under the moonlight. 

"New York"

“New York” is a fun creative dress design with a touch of glam.  Kick off the heels and put on some cowboy boots to keep the wedding down-to-earth and outdoorsy yet still sophisticated.


Thank you Judy for sharing your background, inspiration, and advice for all of our brides. I cannot wait to further explore your collections and follow your work for years to come, and hope that I one day have the opportunity to plan a wedding for a Ju.Lee bride!