Get the Gown

On top of everything else you are going to purchase for your wedding day, your wedding gown is expensive, to say the least. And to think you'll only be wearing it for a total of 10 hours...maybe?
To many, it just seems silly.

So being the person I am and always having to find solutions to every wedding-related "problem" I come across, I sought out for a better solution.

And I found it!


Get the Gown gives you the chance to rent the gown of your dreams and not have to feel silly for spending a ridiculous amount of money on a dress you'll never wear again! So go ahead and check out their site and see if you can find your dream gown today :)


I wanted to get a head start on the research for you, so after taking a look at the site and browsing all of the beautiful gowns, I sat down with Jessica, founder of Get the Gown, to get some of my questions answered...I tried to put myself back into the shoes of a bride and think of the questions you all may have for them!

What if the gown doesn't fit? Can it be exchanged for a new size?

Yes, we can exchange sizes, as long as the requested size is available!

Can I try on the dress beforehand?

Yes, there is a trial period to try on the dress once the bride has received the gown.

Are the gowns custom-altered to my measurements?

The gowns come in standard sizes. Brides have the option of choosing the size based upon the "label size" (what's written on the tag) or the "street size" (what the dress would feel like when worn). We keep records of the specific measurements of our gowns so if a bride wanted to know, she could ask our stylists. 

If a bride would like to alter a gown, we allow temporary alterations (i.e. no cutting material) as long as the bride receives written permission from Get The Gown prior to making any alterations.

How many times have the gowns been worn before?

Many of our gowns have actually never been worn before except for our photo shoots (to get the images you see on our site).

Are there payment plans available?

Unfortunately, no. It is a one time payment to rent one of our gowns!

If you are a bride just cringing to purchase a gown that you know you'll never wear again, check them out. You may just find your dream gown...and they offer accessories too!