A Gorgeous Garden Engagement

“Surprising me is no easy task. I am way too observant and intuitive to get surprised, but Tyler managed to pull off the grandest of surprises! Earlier in the week, Tyler asked if I wanted to go on a hike on Saturday. We love going for walks and hikes so it didn't catch me off guard. Saturday rolled around and we stopped by my parents house before heading out to Pyramid Point on the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. I thought he just wanted to stop there to say hi, but little did I know he wanted to tell my mom about his plan to ask me to marry him. Tyler met with my dad a few days prior to ask for his blessing - that makes my heart melt! While at my parent's house, my dad managed to sneak a bottle of bubbly and some glasses into Tyler's truck so we could celebrate our engagement. Once again, I am not easy to surprise but everything went straight over my head! As we started to drive out to Pyramid Point, Tyler kept mentioning the Detroit Lions football game and hoping that we would make it back in time. That instantly eliminated any of my thoughts that a proposal would be coming my way that day because he would not stop talking about the Lions game! But...Tyler knows me best and he knew exactly how to throw me off.

Tyler and I walked up the trail to the top of Pyramid Point. We were the only ones at the top on the beautiful, sunny, winter day. We were admiring the stunning views of Lake Michigan when Tyler gives me a gentle hug from behind, turns me around for a kiss, says sweet loving words, then gets down on one knee and asks, "Maire Colleen Burns, will you marry me?" A shocked and surprised, YES came out of my mouth! This is the moment my 16 year old self had been dreaming of. Everything was perfect. The location he thought of was the location of our first date, he enlisted my sister and his sister to help design the ring, and he had some bubbly waiting in the car from my parents! The proposal was everything that Tyler is: thoughtful, simple, intentional, loving, and extraordinary.

I wish we could relive that December day over and over. The only day that I know will top it is when we say "I do" in front of our closest friends and family on a January day in Northport, MI. I am so excited to experience all of life's moments with Tyler right by my side. He is my soul mate, best friend, greatest love, and forever adventure partner.”

Photography: Wren Photography | Event Planning: Juniper & Lace Events | Hair: Alissa Levondoski | Makeup: Alissa Levondoski | Dress: Lulu's | Engagement Ring: Ace Buyers | Engagement Ring: Dr. Gold's Jewelry & Diamonds | Submitted via: Matchology