How much shoud I tip my wedding vendors?

How much should I tip my wedding vendors? Unfortunately, there is not one answer to that question and it varies from wedding to wedding and from location to location. So while there are guidelines I give my couples and ways that tipping seems to be the norm for all of our weddings, please don't use it as a know-all for what you should tip your wedding vendors your wedding day.

First, here are a couple of tips (pun not intended) to think about before deciding on a tip:

1. What can I afford?

Please don't base your tipping on "What can I afford within the remainder of my budget?" because that is something that needs to be taken into account from the start. Add some wiggle room into your budget to ensure you have the chance to thank your wonderful vendors for all of their hard work.

2. What does the vendor deserve?

If you had the most amazing experience with a vendor and want to thank them, then a tip, a gift, or a hand-written note is always much appreciated. And in all honesty, those little hand written notes are what makes my heart flutter the most because they're personal and honest. But of course, a little tip on the side makes me smile pretty big too :) So tip your vendors what you believe they deserve, just as you would at a restaurant or in an Uber.

3. Is tip already paid for?

Some vendors already include tip/service charge in their quote and final invoice. And while it is not always labeled as "gratuity," make sure you take a look or even ask the vendor if it has already been taken care of. That way, you aren't double tipping.

No matter what you decide, it is a decision that you need to make for yourself. So like I said, these are just guidelines that I give my couples based on what I typically see in my area and for the weddings that I do. It is not in any way the rule but a guideline to help you get there.