How to Word Your Wedding Invitations

We get a lot of questions regarding wedding invitations and "How do I word my wedding invitations?" is probably the top question couples need help with. And so, we've asked for some help from The Bride List vendor Laurie Louis to help you out with that!

Written with love, by Laurie Louis


The first line of the invitation is where you list who is hosting the wedding. In past traditions, the bride’s family has always hosted the wedding.  Today, you are finding more and more that both sets of parents are included in the host line or in some cases, the wedding couple hosts the wedding, themselves



This is where you actually invite people. Traditionally, “the honor of your presence” is used to denote a religious service while “the pleasure of your company” is used in a secular one, but you can use whatever works best for you.  This is where your stationer can come into play with help on wording or you can check out different websites on Google for examples for different wording.

how to word wedding invitations



What are you inviting people to do? Traditionally, with the bride’s parent’s hosting, this line may read “at the wedding of their daughter.”   In some cases, it may also say “as we celebrate the marriage of.”



This line explains itself…the couple.  But whose name goes first?  Traditionally, the bride's name goes first. If there are two brides or two grooms, you can put them in any order you would like.  If you are including last names, you may want to go in alphabetical order or you can put them on the same line.  In the past, invitations have listed the first, middle and last name of the bride and groom.  More and more invitations are only listing the first names, especially if both parents are the hosts and their last names are listed.  You can also be less formal and only list the first and last name.



This is the line of the invitation that generally is the same for each invitation.  It needs to include the time, date and location. The address doesn’t have to be listed if it’s easy to find or a known landmark.

how to word wedding invitations



What happens after the wedding ceremony, if anything? Use this line to help fill your guests in on what to expect.  Will there only be cake and punch, will the need to eat beforehand, or will you provide dinner and dancing.  If your reception is not at the same place as the wedding, please think about including the address in your party line or on a separate card. Your party line is also the place to have fun. You can be as serious or as whimsical as you want.

Now that I have totally overwhelmed you with all the different parts to an invitation, please remember that these are just guidelines and your wedding invitation is your own.  Talk it over with your family, your spouse and your stationer so that you can come up with the wording that fits you and your spouse perfectly.

how to word your wedding invitations