Musical chairs, anyone?

One of the big "tasks" toward the end of planning is dealing with your RSVP's. After calling, emailing, and texting just about every guest who was invited because no one seems to know how to use mail these days, I feel your pain. You are over it. The wedding is so close and you are just ready to be done with planning. You finally have your guest count and a sigh of relief is in order.

Now what do you do about your seating chart? Do you assign seats? Assign tables? Or just have open seating? Of course, the latter sounds spectacular right about now because dealing with a seating chart is the very last thing you want on your mind right now.

If you just don't have the time or patience for escort cards, then just make one seating chart where guests can find their table number. That isn't so bad! Although it all may seem tedious, we always recommend assigning guests to tables and letting them choose their seats from there.

10 Reasons to Assign Seating

1. What if grandma and grandpa are the last guests to the reception and there are only two seats left next to the speakers? I hope they like to party!

2. Your family is out taking photos after the ceremony and by the time they get inside, all of the "good" seats are taken. I'm pretty sure mom wants to be as close as possible to her little girl!

3. A family of five is left with a table with two remaining seats, another table with 2 remaining seats, and a third table across the room with one seat left. You're telling me the 5-year-old has to sit alone?

4. A couple is left without a table that have two seats left. And they are on opposite sides of the room. Musical chairs anyone?

5. Moving chairs and place settings around at your classy event is awkward for any guest! And for you!

6. Your wedding is about you but it's not about you. You want every guest to feel welcomed, as though they have a place, and want them all to feel comfortable. Otherwise, it's not much of a party!

7. Any divorces or bad breakups in the family? Talk about awkward when the last two seats are waiting just for them! Remember, we're avoiding drama at all costs!

8. Don't you want your guests to sit with their friends so they have the best time ever?? I don't think I need to answer this one for you.

9. Do you want to give guests meal options? Or vegetarian options? Or dietary options? Forget about it! Unless you want your wedding to seem like an auction for plates of food!

10. Or the family who saves 8 seats..."Ya can't sit here!" (quote from Forrest Gump) How sad would it be to be denied a spot at a wedding! :(

While it may seem like a pain in the butt on your end, your wedding day is about your guests too! You invited them to a beautiful night to enjoy themselves. And without assigned seating, you're not off to the best start.

If you still aren't convinced, then I'm pretty sure you'll never be!