My $1,090 Wedding

As many of you know, my one year wedding anniversary was on June 1st. And with that special day coming around, I knew I wanted to do something wonderful for my husband. Just a week and a half before our anniversary with no gift decided on, I had a thought. Why not renew the beautiful vows we made one year before!

My family made the long drive down from Northern California and his family drove in too! The day turned out beautiful and it ended up being a complete surprise for him! And it was all more perfect than I ever could have imagined!

And I did it all on a very tight budget.

And while I just love showing off the amazing photos that Bleudog Fotography took of our renewal, that is not the reason for today's article. I want you to learn some great lessons from this...and maybe even get some great ideas for your own one year anniversary ;)

Planning On A Budget

I definitely didn't want to spend our life savings on this and my dad sure wasn't going to pay for another wedding for us, but regardless of how much I had as my budget, the day turned out beautiful! So from this, just understand that no matter what your budget may be, your wedding day can be and WILL be absolutely amazing for the two of you :)

- Minister: $250 + $25 travel fee - Pastor Dave Page
- Photographer (and edits!): $700 - Bleudog Fotography
- Bouquet: $50 - Bluebelle Floral
- Dress: I already had it but it cost $65
- Venue: $0
- Venue: $0 (no chairs and no altar so beach permit was needed!)
- Music: $0(the sound of the waves crashing behind us was beautiful
- Hair & Makeup: $0 (I did it myself...although not recommended!)

A Short Timeline


I planned our renewal in just a short week and a half and although it was small, I promise it is doable for your wedding too! So don't stress out because your date is nearing, just relax and have fun with it! You will get everything done, I promise!

It's the marriage that matters!

I know I say it time and time again but really, it is the marriage the matters. Whether there are 300 guests, just your immediate family, or just the two of you and your minister, your day will be absolutely stunning and just perfect. Because you will be married to the love of your life.

Whether or not you have to cut down your guest list or have to eliminate some floral that you saw and liked, none of that matters and none of that will make a difference in the end. Keep that in mind always.

So whether you want to tie the knot and can't afford a large wedding and reception at this time, need to plan a beautiful day on a short timeline,  or you just don't want to start your marriage in debt, I just wanted to take a moment to show you that your day can be absolutely perfect, filled with friends and family, and the very special person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with!

I did it on $1,090 and a week and a half of planning, and so can you :)


A special thank you to all of the vendors who made this day happen and more importantly, made it so special for the two of us!