No longer will you feel that pain!

It's three days before the wedding and your seating chart is complete! Phew! Last item checked off of your list and it's time to relax and pamper yourself before the big day!

If that is how the three days before your wedding goes, consider yourself lucky. Very very lucky.

Here is how the three days before my wedding went:

3 Day Countdown

 - A friend calls and adds a date to his RSVP
 - Two cousins change their meals

2 Day Countdown

 - Two friends break off their relationship so will not tolerate sitting beside each other
 - Two family meals are changed

The day before the wedding...

 - One cousin calls and changes their meal back
 - The couple that forgot to RSVP finally called back to RSVP with a "yes"

This doesn't sound too bad, does it? Until you're in my shoes!

Plain and simple: the seating chart is not easy.

It is not easy for anyone, even if you have no one call to make changes. You have to make sure the divorcees are not next to each other, the grandparents are not being blasted by the DJ's speaker, and figuring out how to fit all of those families with people they know (and like) at tables of 8 is not quite as easy as it sounds. 

Taking a look back at my countdown:
 - It would've been very easy to fit the additional guest, but their table just happened to be at its max
 - It's just a meal change, but you already gave the venue the seating chart, meal count, and now you have to bring a new one back in for them after the changes have been made

You'll feel the pain when you get there. Or will you?

I found the most amazing program for managing your guest list and I so wish I had discovered it about a year ago. It would have made my life a million times easier. And before you ask, just know that I was the one who contacted this company and asked if I could write a blog on their product. I truly believe in it and want to share it with all of you so you don't have to feel that horrendous pain that I felt just days before my wedding!

Let me introduce you to (drum roll please)...


This is like, amazing. Like you have to go check it out, now. I promise you will thank me (and them) in a couple of minutes.

While I have explored the program quite a bit myself, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with the owner of All Seated, Sandy. She told me about features I wouldn't have ever dreamed up in a million years - believe me, they have thought of it all!

Before you get to exploring yourself, here are some of the coolest parts of it:
1. It's free! That's always a plus :)
2. It's a virtual seating chart (if you didn't already figure that part out)
3. They can upload the floorplan for ANY venue just for you!
4. You can use your guest list to plan seating charts for all of your events! And categorizing the invites for each event (bachelorette, engagement party, rehearsal dinner) is as easy as 1,2,3!
5. Categorizing (his football teammates, her cheerleader friends...I know, my husband and I are that cheesy couple)
6. Meal choices can be added to each guest, changed in a second AND emailed to the venue as updates are made!


And want to know one cool trick that will make your wedding stand out from the rest?? If you were at a wedding and a server came to your table and said, "Jenn, here is your salmon," I think that wedding would seem pretty high class if you ask me! Well with this program, you can email your venue your seating chart with each individual listed along with their meal choice. And if the meal changes the day before? No problem, the change is just one click and an email away!

Pretty cool, huh?

I'll leave the rest of the exploring to you :) Now go check it out!!