Save it for the Honeymoon

Written with love, by Stephany Sujiati

During my years in the fashion industry, I realized I truly loved the creative and fast paced life! For a second, I thought I was made for this business until I realized I was capable of mixing the skills that I’ve earned with the hobby that I love. Event planning has always been a dream career, but I never thought to push further until I realized I wanted a purpose to what I do. I love making people happy- it makes me happy too! Also, you know what they say …

‘When you love what you do, it wouldn’t feel like you’re working at all!’

In 2008, I started my event planning career as a hobby in helping create charity events to help raise money for The Garden of Hope Organization in Thailand, who gives food, shelter, and education to women and children who are sexually exploited in the human trafficking industry.  I’ve developed a passion and felt it was my calling to use my skills to help others.

After many more personal experiences later – helping organize birthdays, baby showers, and planning my best friend’s wedding, I realized I had a niche for planning “once in a life time” event – events that allow me to stage, perfect, and capture those rare, wonderful moments we all will experience in life.

With my experience in the fashion industry as a Product Developer, I’ve obtained a keen eye for fresh designs, details, and the understanding of creating a marketable product on a budget! No matter where we are in life, there is always a need for a budget, right? Money doesn't grow on trees!

Part of our motto is “Delivering Style and Grace at a Budget Friendly Fashion!” We believe in “Imagine Celebrating Life Bigger” without forcing to shake the very last penny out of your honeymoon piggy bank. 

Weddings are wonderful, even without the lavish decorations.  Most of us dream of this day since we are little and each bride imagines a beautifully decorated wedding day. However, the stress of planning a wedding, especially on a tight budget, can strain the relationship of the couple and make one feel not so excited anymore. We don’t want that to happen so that’s why we’re sharing with you inexpensive wedding decorating ideas that just may save you extra money for the honeymoon!

Location, location, location!

Our number one favorite way in saving on wedding decor is to select a gorgeous location. If the location is fabulous, let it speak for itself. You shouldn’t have to add too much sugar to something that’s already sweet.  If you’re planning on a tight budget, consider an art gallery, a bed and breakfast near the beach, a public park or a golf course with a beautiful back drop of the mountains. Vintage and rustic weddings are so in, so if you can get out of the city, you may be able to save thousands on a country setting. Small town locations are usually less expensive than big city venues.


Flowers can take a big chunk of the budget at times. Flowers dress up any occasion, but they don’t always have to be expensive. One of the ways you can save is by choosing flowers that are in season. For a vintage look, you can save by using twinkling lights and baby’s breath (which are very inexpensive).


We’ve come to experience that music and lighting totally set the mood of the wedding! You can minimize the flower use by having more lighting. Twinkling lights or the glow of candles can add a romantic chart to a night time reception.

Table Decor

Decorations and rented items can easily add up, so if you’re really on a tight budget, grab your loving friends and bridesmaids to help you begin to DIY! We have done rustic weddings to contemporary weddings. Some of the ideas we love are the use of wine bottles, burlap table runners, artsy paper plate mats, and re-usable vases. Dress your table like you would dress yourself. Let your decorations not only flow with the theme but express the lifestyle of you both.

It's A Sign

Signs are whimsical and functional! Adding signs not only helps point out the direction of each event, but can also serve as a creative décor! Have fun in making your signs and use fun wordings to add a personal touch.


You are only one person! Having to decorate, plan, and execute all of the above will drive you crazy. Be sure to plan ahead and plan wisely. Enlist bridesmaids, friends, and family members to lend a helping hand.  Have a pizza and movie night with your bridesmaids while working on some crafts (like DIY favors). My all time personal favorite is creating a “photo booth” station – so get creative with the backdrop, purchase a disposable camera, and make your own props for fun! If you simply do not have the time or your wedding date is near, check Etsy and other online retailers for inexpensive priced items.

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