8 Minute Calorie Torching Workout for Brides

This week on Mind Body Bride, I have a fabulously quick and sweaty workout that will torch calories, and can be done at home.

I love exercising at home. Even though I have a membership to a gym near my house, it feels so sterile, stuffy and silent — the antithesis of getting a great workout. Let's face it, if you have to do burpees then you need some serious beats to keep you going, and that gym plays the classical station 😁 😁

Any why waste the time of traveling to the gym if you can shape your dream bridal bod in your own living room? Use those extra 15 minutes to sleep in, or linger over a cup of coffee. 

Once you've had a chance to train with me I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment telling me that you crushed the workout...and also what's on your favorite playlist is at the moment!

With love,
     Jennifer Dene