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Marriage is a beautiful thing. Being married for only nine months now, we have definitely experienced the ups and the downs. And because this is all so new to us - living together, cooking "real" meals and actually sitting down for dinner, sharing finances and sharing everything, for that matter - I know that there is so much more to come. While there is no telling what the future holds, I know that we will experience some "worst nightmares" together and "best times of our life" together as well.

Because it has not been very long (and because weddings is what I do for a living), I remember a lot about our wedding day - the chills running down my body as I saw my soon-to-be-husband standing at the end of the aisle, placing that tungsten ring on his finger (and him having to force it on!), saying "I Do" to forever with him, and the beautiful feeling of being announced as "Mr. and Mrs. Hallak" as our guests welcomed us into our wedding reception. I wish I could re-live those moments each and every day because I cannot help but smile when I think about those moments. And despite the beautiful photos, the wedding video that made all of my Facebook friends cry, and the memories that will remain with me, there is one thing that always brings me back.

It seems so small and insignificant, but this circle I am speaking of is much more important than the photo album that sits on our coffee table each and every day. This circle I speak of symbolizes our marriage, our everlasting love, and the commitment we made to each other as we said our vows in front of our closest family and friends. This little circle I speak of is the ring my husband wears each and every day. And each day I see that ring on his finger, it brings me right back to the same chills of happiness that I felt on that very special day. Each time I see that ring on my husband's finger, I cannot help but smile.


The ring a man chooses should symbolize an everlasting love and a "til death do us part" so it seems crazy to think that when choosing this important symbol of your marriage, couples don't take the options into consideration. Couples decide on rings that won't last a lifetime. Silly, don't you think?

I don't know about you, but my husband loves to work out. And when I say work out, I mean that he loves lifting weights. Have you ever felt how rough a man's hand can get from the scraping and grinding of that heavy piece of metal on the palm of their hands? Well when we were deciding on a ring, we made sure we chose a ring that would not only withstand the heavy weights at the gym, but would withstand every day life! And our jeweler recommended no other metal but tungsten.

Tungsten is a metal that looks similar to platinum but has two amazing perks: durability and cost. And when I say durability, I mean like unbelievable durability. We have been married for nine months and there is not one single tiny scratch on my husband's ring. And no, he has never taken the ring off since we said "I Do." Click here to read more about tungsten.

And secondly, cost. I know we are all on a budget and I am pretty positive that spending the last part of your budget on your soon-to-be-husband's ring is not on the top of your priority list. While I absolutely believe that it is important to get a nice product that will last forever, I can tell you that is is absolutely achievable...on a budget.


Tungsten World offers an amazing variety of durable and cost-effective rings that will last a lifetime alongside your marriage. And you may be thinking, "Well I know the jeweler down the street offer some rings that are great too!" But your average jeweler is not going to have a ring out there for every groom. We all know that choosing his ring may be even more difficult and time consuming than choosing your dress, so why not have the availability of options along with a lifetime warranty for that very special symbol of love. Believe me, it may be small but once you call each other husband and wife, that ring will mean the world to you when you see it each and every day on his finger.

Choose a ring that will be everlasting just like your love for each other, and won't start you off on the wrong financial foot as you make that step into marriage.

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