Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

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Whether you're writing your own wedding vows or you're finding wedding vows you love on the world wide web, there's really no one vow fits all when it comes to weddings. Every couple is different. We all have different beliefs, different views on life, different words that move us, likes and dislikes and we all have one-of-a-kind marriages.

And your wedding vows should reflect that.

Back in 2013 when we were in the final stages of our wedding prep, it came time to write our wedding vows and there was no way I was going to write my own vows and read them out loud. No way you'd ever find me doing least back then. We were young and had only been to one other wedding so really, had no idea where we were even supposed to start when it came to writing our wedding vows and so, we started Googling.

We found vows we loved, words we found romantic and together, we took bits and pieces of vows we had read, added in our own personal beliefs about love, marriage and faith and created the most beautiful wedding vows for us.

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Beautiful Wedding Vows - Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows -- Wedding Inspiration - The Overwhelmed Bride

Yes, we got wedding inspiration and ideas and words from other vows out there, but used that to create vows that fit us perfectly. Together we created vows that we both loved.

If you need some wedding vow ideas and inspiration, click here for 12 traditional wedding vows from Wedding Forward to inspire you and to get those creative vow juices flowing.

Beautiful Wedding Vows - Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows -- Wedding Inspiration - The Overwhelmed Bride
Beautiful Wedding Vows - Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows -- Wedding Inspiration - The Overwhelmed Bride

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His and Her Rustic Wedding Vow Books by Scrappy Seahorse
His and Her Rustic Wedding Vow Books by Scrappy Seahorse
His and Her Rustic Wedding Vow Books by Scrappy Seahorse
His and Her Rustic Wedding Vow Books by Scrappy Seahorse
His and Her Rustic Wedding Vow Books by Scrappy Seahorse
His and Her Rustic Wedding Vow Books by Scrappy Seahorse
His and Her Rustic Wedding Vow Books by Scrappy Seahorse

His and Her Rustic Wedding Vow Books by Scrappy Seahorse

12 Tips to Writing Your Own Vows (Part 2)

Written with love, by Pastor Dave Page


After chatting with your future spouse, take some self-reflection time alone to think about how you feel about your fiancé. What did you think when you first saw him? When did you realize you were in love? What quality do you most admire in him? How has your life gotten better since meeting your future mate? What about him inspires you? What do you miss most about him when you’re apart? You may be surprised how these answers may lead you to the perfect words.


Borrow freely from poetry, books, religious and spiritual texts, or even from romantic movies.  Write down words and phrases that capture your feelings.  Widely recognized works ring true for a reason. I’ve found that the Bible has some of the best quotes I’ve ever heard.  For example, the wise King Solomon penned these words in Proverbs 5:18-19: “Rejoice in the wife of your youth. She is a loving deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts satisfy you at all times. Be exhilarated always with her love.”

Based on the last phrase in the second verse, I said to Carrie, “I am captivated by your beauty, refreshed by your genuineness and encouraged by your love for me.”  My wife is a beautiful woman and a very authentic person.  There is no pretense with her. She wears her emotions on her sleeves – what you see is what you get so I wanted to include this wonderful character quality in my vow to her.  At the end of the vow I said, “I will always be exhilarated with your love.” 

Your vows should reflect your beliefs, values and desires as a couple. Some of you will want to be more covert when including your spiritual values while others of you will want to be a bit overt. Some couples I marry do not want anything spiritual or religious in their vows to one another or in the ceremony itself.  I respect each couples wishes.

I provide my couples various readings for their weddings from all different sources – from Scripture to Shakespeare.  Here is a link some excellent WEDDING READINGS.


An outline can get you started by helping you establish structure. For example, plan to first talk about how wonderful your fiancé is and then about how you work together as a couple; pause to quote your favorite writer and then go into your commitments to each other.  You may want to share why you chose to marry your fiancé, reasons why you love your fiancé and promises you intend to keep.


Get some objective feedback from people you trust. Run your vows by some of your trusted friends and get their input. Listen to their constructive criticism of your vows in order to make them even better. I also read my vows to my mom because she was a English major in college and I wanted to make sure they were grammatically correct.


Don’t make your vows so personal that they’re obscure, mysterious or embarrassing! You’ve invited your family and friends to witness your vows in order to make your bond public, so be sure everyone feels included in the moment. That means putting a limit on inside jokes, deeply personal anecdotes and obscure nicknames or code words. My favorite nickname that one bride used for her fiancé was Stud Muffin. That also means being sensitive to the different religions and faiths represented in your audience.


Remember, these words are meant to be heard by a live audience, so check that they sound good when spoken. A good rule of thumb: When you write, you write for eyes to read. But when you speak, you speak for ears to hear. Speak your vows out loud to make sure they flow easily. Rehearse in front of the mirror a few times – seriously!  Beware of tongue twisters and super long sentences. Go slow when you say your vows to one another – you do not want to get out of breath or stumble. And remember speak up so that everyone can hear you! There is nothing worse than attending a wedding and not being able to hear the couple when they say their vows. You may become overwhelmed with emotion in the moment and begin to cry. That’s okay because they are happy tears - just compose yourself and carry on.

12 Tips to Writng Your Wedding Vows by Pastor Dave Page // The Overwhelmed Bride Wedding Blog + Southern California Wedding Planner

In my opinion, your vows are the most important part of your ceremony. The key to crafting the perfect wedding vows is just to take them one word at a time. In summary, get at the heart of what marrying this person means to you; pick the most important points and say them well. And lastly, remember to have FUN!

Below are the vows my wife and I wrote and said to each other on our wedding day. We are both people of faith so our vows have a bit of a spiritual overtone to them.

Dave to Carrie:

Carrie, my love, I have prayed my entire life that God would send me the right person to marry.  He has given me the desire of my heart in you.  I am captivated by your beauty, refreshed by your genuineness, and encouraged by your love for me.  You mean more to me than anything else in this world.  I will seek to love you sacrificially, as Christ loved the church.  I will seek to understand you and listen to your innermost thoughts.  I will protect you and provide security for you.  I will encourage and support you in the interests and goals that you have. I will honor, respect and adore you.  You alone will be my desire as I forsake all others. I will always be exhilarated with your love. Carrie, I commit my entire being and covenant my love, representing my life, promising to remain committed to you, along side of you, as long as I shall live on this earth.

Carrie to Dave:

Dave, I love you so much!  I’m committing everything I have and everything I am to God first and then to you. You are my greatest joy!  You’ve become my best friend lovingly designed by our Heavenly Father.  He knew from the very beginning that Dave Page would be the man I would eventually marry.  You are the unique person who meets my special needs and adds to my life things that were missing, bringing out the absolute best in me that only you and your closeness to God could bring out.  Our love has that perfect completeness I hoped and prayed for, a special love that is from the Lord. He promises to go before us and through his special power, hold us together. Dave, I’m confident we will last a lifetime as husband and wife and I will love, support, encourage, challenge and cherish you throughout that lifetime.

My wife and I recently had a wonderful anniversary weekend in Santa Barbara. I’m going back up to Santa Barbara this weekend to learn to paddleboard!