A Texas At-Home Engagement Session

"Cooper kicked off the month of "engagement confusion" by throwing me multiple curve balls. Several times I was convinced we were getting engaged and he fooled me. One week before Thanksgiving Cooper asked me to reserve the following Tuesday for a nice dinner together. He told me to dress up so he could take me out for a nice meal. Of course, when Cooper picked me up I was prepared for a nice evening out, only to be met by the surprise of a bicycle ride across town, through Texas A&M's campus to Chipotle. Let's just say I was a little less than thrilled after a week of build up and excitement. After a couple of minutes of me trying to alter Cooper's bike riding plans, I finally gave in and hopped on a bike. We started to ride through Texas A&M's campus, where Cooper proceeded to stop at every. single. stop. Each time it was a different excuse: "I have low tires," "my seat is loose," and the list goes on... After multiple stops at different buildings and several bicycle "fix it" stations, he stopped at the final place: The Century Tree! I rode behind Cooper on my bicycle, where Cooper proceeded to tell me with a huge smile on his face, "you thought I was going to propose here didn't you?!"At this point I was so confused, and I said "no?!" We proceeded to go under the tree a second time and head to Chipotle. But this time I hear the bike's breaks screech, and Cooper fall off of his bike. It was so elaborate, I thought it was a joke. I told Cooper to get up so we could keep going. When he didn't get up, I got nervous and jumped off of my bike to go check on him. Just as I was bending down to talk to him, the lights in the tree came on and Cooper was on one knee. He sweetly asked me to marry him, and I said yes. Following the proposal Cooper had a home cooked meal waiting for us on the stairs of the Academic building. We ate, laughed, and dreamed of the days to come. Then he threw one last special surprise my way... my very best friends planned us a surprise engagement party at my home in College Station. We arrived home to find many of our dear friends, and all of our families waiting to celebrate with us. I could not have asked for a more perfect evening with my favorite person who I can't wait to spend forever with."

This natural, at home engagement session is giving us all of the cozy feels with southern elements mixed in with a modern flair.

Photography: Shelby Tsika Photography | Venue: Studio 12 | Styling: Shelby Tsika Photography | Mugs: Target | Linens: World Market | Tableware: World Market | Submitted via: Matchology