The Giving Registry

Times have changed and more and more couples are living together before marriage, and even before engagement. While the marriage age is getting older and older, we are no longer moving in with our new husband or wife straight out of our parents' home. And what does this mean? It means that we already have everything we need for the kitchen and everything we need for the home!


While it may be nice to upgrade these items, what if you were able to provide hundreds of homeless men, women, and children with meals? Or help save an endangered animal species? Or help provide supplies for an orphanage in a third-world country?

So I ask you this...


You may or may not have heard of one before, but a giving registry is something I wish I had known about before my own wedding. I LOVE giving, and have planned events and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations. This is definitely a passion of mine!

With that being said, The Overwhelmed Bride is proud to announce our own giving registry for you all to take part in! Instead of all of those wedding gifts, have your guests donate to a charity of your choice - in your honor :)

What makes us different?

There is one thing that makes us significantly stand out from the rest of the sites out there, and that is that we will not take any of the money that is donated by your guests. For sites to stay in business that are specifically made for donation registries, there is no other way for them to make money than to take anywhere from 2-7% of the money that is donated by your guests. But in our case, we won't take a penny!

You can choose one organization or 10, it is up to you! And you will have your own personal link for your guests to donate to when they are "purchasing your gift!"

How cool would it be to save a child's life instead of getting that fancy mixing bowl?