Unique Wedding Sendoff Ideas

Whether you're having your guests throw rice after the ceremony or send you off to your honeymoon with sparklers at the end of the night, there are so many fun wedding sendoff ideas out there to choose from. Every venue has different regulations so make sure you check with yours to ensure whatever you're planning is allowed. And once approved, have some fun with it and make it your own!

Here are some of our favorite wedding sendoff ideas. If you like one you see, just click the photo and it will take you to where you can purchase it!



It may sound a bit cheesy, but can you just imagine a photo of you and your brand new hubby leaving the ceremony, with all of this gorgeous confetti flying in the air as the two of you and all of your guests celebrate? Well I can, and it sure does look like a good time! So choose confetti that matches your wedding color palette (or those gorgeous vintage hearts below) and it is sure to give you some great shots!

If you're having an outdoor ceremony, my guess is that your venue is not going to allow it but asking can't hurt!



Here's another one that some venues won't allow and if they do, just make sure you have buckets of water right there in sight so your (drunken) guests don't go off to find a trash can and light something on fire on accident....because that wouldn't be the happiest ending, would it?

But sparkler exits are seriously my favorite of all because they make the most gorgeous photos (and videos) and are such a fun way to end the evening!


Glow Sticks

If your venue doesn't allow sparklers and you are planning on an exit in the dark, then glow sticks are the perfect alternative! You can choose one color or mix it up with all of the colors and have your guests send you off with a little glow stick party!



Who doesn't like to pretend we're kids again and blow and pop some bubbles! I know I get excited whenever I get to use some :) The bubble exit is perfect for the end of the ceremony or a well-lit end of the night sendoff!


Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are just perfect because you can have them in the colors you want AND they won't make a mess. So there is no venue out there that won't allow them!


Other Unique Ideas

I've never actually seen any of these done but I think they are so much fun! Glitter (which could get messy), sprinkles, lavender, rice and confetti streamers, they're all fun ways to celebrate your marriage!

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