We're Re-Branding!

Since last November of 2013, we've been bringing inspiration to your wedding day, hoping that we can help you get one step closer to a stress-free wedding day...and a stress-free planning experience.

But on top of the wedding plans (aka your second job), we know that you all have a life outside of the wedding. You have a job, you have a fiance, you have family and friends, and all of that mixed with planning is not easy. And so, we're excited to announce our re-branding!

Limited Time. Limited Funds. The Bridal Lifestyle.

I'm sure you figured it out, but we will now be transforming into a bridal lifestyle blog, offering you tips and inspiration that will help you in all areas of your life!

Don't worry, the wedding planning stuff isn't going anywhere, but we're just adding to it! With your current lifestyle in mind, we will be bringing you nutritious, inexpensive, quick, and easy meal recipes, fitness workouts to help you with your health goals as you begin shedding for the wedding, marriage advice (as we believe that is the core of the wedding day), and of course a ton of new wedding planning contact!

We are so excited to begin this new journey together as we help you make the most of your engagement. We know it can all be very stressful, and we are here to help!

Stay tuned for our countdown to re-launch :)

If you are interested in becoming a contributor in the categories of fitness, recipes, marriage, or weddings, contact us at jenn@theoverwhelmedbride.com for more information :)