What should I look for when choosing an engagement ring?

Of course, if you've done any research at all then you've already learned the 4 C's of diamonds -- cut, color, clarity and carat.

But there are so many options out there that personally, if I had to shop for a diamond I think I would be a bit...overwhelmed.

Where do I buy it? What is the best cut? What clarity diamond should I choose? Designer brand engagement ring or generic? So many questions and let me tell you, it sounds like a lot of hard work.

But it doesn't have to be! It can be really easy if you go with the experts, and super easy if you go with a top quality, precision cut diamond where all the math has been done for you.

The A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series diamonds are the best of the best diamonds you can find on the market. All diamonds are in colorless DEF and FL-VVS purity, are Super Ideal cut and receive the top grade from the top laboratory specializing in light performance AGS certification. In plain English, that all means that their diamonds rank at the very top of the scale in every category! They are gorgeous. And it means you'll simply never go wrong with anything you choose in the entire collection. Oh, and Whiteflash has all the top designer brands with tons of elegant engagement ring settings and wedding bands to choose from.

A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are meticulously crafted, thoroughly analyzed and reviewed to ensure they are the ultimate quality and light performance and are available in the two most popular engagement ring shapes - round brilliant and princess cut. Whiteflash is the developer and sole distributor of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, and all are in-stock and available for immediate purchase.

Princess Cut Diamonds -- White Flash -- Wedding Blog - The Overwhelmed Bride

It all starts with selecting high quality rough diamonds which are then cut by master cutters using state of the art technology. The polished diamonds are then sent to the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) for complete gemological review and certification as Triple Ideal. Each and every diamond must then pass a rigorous quality control process by the Whiteflash review team, including light performance imaging, to ensure their diamonds are the best of the best. And that's how you find a diamond that is truly ‘a cut above’ everything else in the market.

If you want to learn all about it for yourself, you can click here to read more about the specifications and qualifications of these extraordinary diamonds.

Everybody wants a princess in their life. But most princess cut diamonds are less than ideal cut and are lacking in brilliance and fire. Not A CUT ABOVE® Princess! For a princess that will take your breath away, check these out:

A Cut Above - Round Diamonds

So if you are in the market for an engagement ring that is brilliant in every way, choose a designer engagement ring with an ideal cut diamond from Whiteflash.  The professionals at Whiteflash will fix you up with a ring that is fabulous and will bring joy for a lifetime.

The A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are carefully crafted, analyzed and reviewed to ensure they are the highest quality diamond in the world.