7 Minute Arm + Abs Workout

Written with love, by Jennifer Dene

Hey bridal beauty!

7 Minute Arm + Abs Workout

I'm spending a couple of orkouts focusin on common trouble areas, such as the triceps, abs, and inner and outer thighs, to help you feel wedding ready.

efore we dive in to today's workout, here' what recommend for your overall bridal workout routine:

2 x  full body workouts each week,
2 x cardio workouts each week (steady state or sprint),
1 - 2 x sculpting workouts each week,
Plus one day that's completely for rest. 

his week's arms and abs workout falls into that sculpting category. You can do it once, in addition to other exercises, or repeat the whole sequence three times through for a full workout. 

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With Love,
     Jennifer Dene