A Sweet Brooklynn Engagement

"I had been planning a trip to Hawaii for work for quite some time. My boss (at Chanel) was being quite odd about cancelling and then re-planning the trip several times.  Finally one day, he said ok, you're going because I can't go and had me schedule my flights.  I came home to Ben and told him how odd my boss's behavior was and just kept supporting me saying, at least you're going to Hawaii!

Little did I know, Ben and my boss had been colluding on my proposal together and my boss was truly trying to let me NOT go to Hawaii because Ben had planned his proposal for that weekend! However, he really did get stuck with an option which left him no choice but to send me instead!

Meanwhile, Ben re-scheduled all of his plans to be ready for my return.  As I was in a taxi back from the flight, he had texted to ask what I wanted to do for dinner that night and casually mentioned that he forgot to get the packages from our doorman if I could pick them up.  When I had arrived, my doorman handed me flowers with a note that said, "Can't wait to see you tonight" from Ben. I was smitten in the elevator and once I walked into my apartment saw many more flowers and a note that said, "Just kidding - meet me on the roof now!"

I raced up to the roof where Ben was standing with one more bouquet and he got down on one knee and proposed.  I was so thrown off that it happened as I was just returning from my trip and he had taken the day off to surprise me! We walked around Brooklyn as I called my family and friends and he told me he had made dinner reservations for us at the Wythe Hotel.  Upon our arrival and grabbing a drink, he wanted to show me the sunset and as we walked towards the patio, our parents and his grandparents were there to surprise us.  I completely broke down in tears that everyone was there to celebrate with us and we had an amazing meal together. It was truly special!"

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Photography: Amy Anaiz Photography | Submitted via: Matchology