Utah Honeymoon Travel Guide

When I think of honeymoons I typically think of the sand, the sun and tropical drinks on a beach. But this past February, my family headed to Salt Lake City and Park City Utah for a family bucket-list trip and let me tell you, this trip is a must.

In fact, if you're looking for a winter honeymoon destination, Utah is the place to go and I'll tell you why!

PRESS PLAY for a little peek into our Utah Travel Guide and I made a list below of all of the things I would recommend doing while you're there!

1. Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley

I seriously cannot say enough amazing things about Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley. We've stayed at nice hotels before but never have I ever experienced staff that is amazing as they were. Upon arrival, Ava was super fussy since we had been traveling all day and we were immediately welcomed with smiling faces. They even gave her a cute little mountain goat stuffed animal to cheer her up!

The rooms were unbelievable (just wait until you see the view from our balcony), the service was unlike any hotel I've ever experienced and that buffet. Let's just say that you've never experienced an all you can eat buffet until you've been to the buffet at Stein Eriksen Lodge. Seriously, we may just fly to Utah just to eat there again!

They've got a ski resort right there too and while we didn't ski or snowboard this trip, it is definitely the perfect place to stay if you're going on a ski trip to Utah!

Winter Honeymoon Destinations - Fun Things to Do in Utah in the Winter
Winter Honeymoon Destinations - Fun Things to Do in Utah in the Winter

2. Luna Lobos Dog Sledding

We did the one hour trip with Luna Lobos Dog Sledding and let me tell you, it was the best decision ever. They were professional, incredibly welcoming and friendly and we even got to play with the dogs before and after! And yes, we got to play musher and kids of any age are welcome :)

3. Ice Castles

Unfortunately our Midway Ice Castle trip was cancelled due to the ice melting a couple weeks before we got there but based on reviews and photos, it is totally a must for families!

4. Midway Crater

The Midway Crater was just the coolest experience and something kids can do in Utah. It's this big crater with a naturally heated pool. If you look up, you can see right up to the sky and it was just a super fun experience. They have life vests for kids and adults and it's a super inexpensive activity in Utah.

5. Antelope Island

You guys, we got to see real live antelope and buffalo in the wild. It was just...wild. Like so cool. I believe you can camp on the island in the summer but we just went out for an hour or so, drove around Antelope Island and searched for wildlife. And we saw so many animals! Ava was, unfortunately, asleep for most of our trip there but it was so much fun to cruise around in the car while she slept!

Winter Honeymoon Destinations - Fun Things to Do in Utah in the Winter
Winter Honeymoon Destinations - Fun Things to Do in Utah in the Winter

5. Utah Olympic Park

So there wasn't much going on while we were there since all of the "rides" are closed on Mondays but it was still pretty neat to go through the Utah Olympic Park Museum and see the different winter stadiums. We really wanted to do the Olympic Luge (Frank did, not me) but they were closed that day for weekly maintenance so we were pretty bummed out. I guess we will just have to go back! :)