26 Inexpensive Wedding Veils Under $100 (and lots under $50!)

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When I was planning my wedding I left my veil to the very last minute. So when I went in for my final fitting and was trying on all of the veil options at the salon, I began to think I was crazy for spending over $300 on my veil. You're telling me that I am going to spend that much money on a veil that I will wear for 30 minutes total? Yep. Of course the quality was amazing , they were all gorgeous and they were going to make the most stunning photos, but I just couldn't come to spend that much on something I was going to wear for just over 30 minutes with photos included.

And even if many of you wanted to, you may not have that kind of budget available for your veil. So today, I am dedicating our weekly product post to inexpensive, affordable veils under $100. And better yet, the majority of the veils are under $50! All of these shops are highly recommended based on their past clients and their veils are all gorgeous!

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