The DIY Misconception

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Blissful2Be (podcast coming soon!) and one question I was asked was, "What is the top advice you can give to our brides?"

You can probably guess the top reason I responded with...

Remember that the wedding is about the marriage, not the event.

And then the second piece of advice (which you can probably also guess) was...

Hire A Coordinator

I am BIG on hiring a coordinator and not because I am one, but because I want each and every bride to enjoy their wedding day. And to be honest, you're absolutely going to have a less enjoyable, relaxing and fun wedding day if there is no coordinator present. No, I am not saying that you aren't going to absolutely cherish every moment, but there will definitely some stress hidden in the back of your mind. Did the centerpieces get set up correctly? Did all of the vendors show up on time? Will I even have time for hair and makeup? If you need some more convincing, then head on over to my coordination services page.

So as we began chatting, she brought up the fact that not every bride can afford a coordinator. And so, I responded that those brides should at least hire a day of coordinator. And then she asked the question that really stuck with me all week...

"What would you tell all of the DIY brides out there in regards to hiring a coordinator?"

A bride begins planning her wedding, realizes how expensive wedding vendors cost and, in effect, decides on a DIY wedding. She decides to make her centerpieces, to design and print her invitations from home, and even decides to have her dad make the arch for the ceremony. And that's all fantastic!

BUT because she is in that "DIY Zone" she often thinks that a coordinator is not necessary.

In fact, it is the exact opposite.

A DIY bride is more of a reason to hire a coordinator and here is why:

There is more set up involved.

When you hire a florist or a designer for your wedding, they take care of all of the set up of floral and decor, right? Well when you DIY, you then become in charge of that set up! So are you really telling me that you're going to have time to relax, enjoy, sip on some champagne, get your hair and makeup done AND set up all of the DIY projects?

I'll answer that for you.

It's a NO.

So if you're a DIY bride, go for it! I love when a bride takes the wedding plans and makes them her own! In fact, those are my very favorite weddings because they truly show the personalities of the bride and the groom!

But just because you DIY, doesn't mean you have to DIY on your wedding day.

Plan and craft all you want but leave the set up to your coordinator.

Are you a DIY bride? How do you feel about hiring a coordinator for your wedding day?