When it rains...

You've all heard it...

Rain on your wedding day is good luck!

I know, I know. It's just something everyone says to make you feel better, in case you happen to run into the dreaded realization that your outdoor wedding is not going to work too well because of the forecast.

And it probably doesn't make you feel better, but more angry every time someone mentions it to you!

But despite whether it's good or bad luck, weather is HUGE when it comes to preparing for your wedding day. Here in Southern California, we tend to not run into this problem because it doesn't really rain...like ever. Believe me, we would kill for some rain over here, but I digress.

No matter what the weather patterns have been in the past, you just never know!

So my biggest piece of advice is to PREPARE. Prepare for rain and prepare for shine! And here are some steps to alleviating some last minute stress that you may run into:

1. Check weather patterns from past years.

I know it's not always going to work, but by checking weather patterns from past years in your city, you have a pretty good indicator of what the weather will be like on your wedding day. If it hasn't rained on that day for the past 50 years, then more than likely it will not rain. But if it has rained on your wedding date for the past 10 years, then I'd say you should be prepared for at least a drizzle.

2. Ask your venue for their backup plan.

The very worst thing you can do is not have a backup plan. And it is YOUR responsibility to check on this...not the responsibility of your venue. If they have no indoor site available that day or available at all on the property, then it is up to you to find out if there are any backup plans in place and if not, to prepare for them on your own!

3. Create your backup plan.

If the venue is unable to accommodate crazy weather patterns, then the rest is up to you! Just make sure you prepare in advance.

If you check the 10-day forecast at just 10 days before your wedding, it may just be too late to order a tent to cover your ceremony and reception. But finding a company beforehand and reserving a tent before the forecast comes out, will save you a major headache when you should be enjoying the final weeks of your engagement. Just make sure there is a refund-policy so you aren't stuck paying for a tent when the sun is shining bright!

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4. Prepare for anything and everything.

If you just never know what to expect in your area, then make sure you have plans for anything and everything. If it's 108 degrees, then you're going to need some shade for your guests. And if it's cold, you're definitely going to need some blankets and heaters. Just make sure you prepare for everything that could happen because you want your guests to enjoy the night as well!

And finally, I am going to leave you with one last thought in order to clear up the debate on the good luck rain brings to a couple...

The pastor at my church back home gave a sermon one Sunday about a wedding he had officiated the week before. The sun was shining bright and everything was in place. And as soon as the ceremony began, clouds covered the wedding site and it began to pour.

Seeing that the bride and groom were a bit unhappy about the weather, he began speaking about the weather, and it went something like this...

"If you are a fisherman, you know that it is nearly impossible to untie a knot in a rope when it's wet, just like one of us trying to untie your shoelaces that are sopping wet after running through the rain. And just as marriage is like a knot, this rain that is pouring down on us today is tying this beautiful couple's knot even stronger, never to come untied."

And there you have it, rain is absolutely good luck on your wedding day. Not only does it keep your marital knot strong, but if a couple can leave their wedding day, soaked by the rain with a smile on their faces, you know that that is a couple who is just happy to be together, happy to be celebrating with all of their friends and family, and is thankful to have married the love of their life.