Fast Tips for Fat Loss

Written with love, by Rebecca Fisher

Take a moment and consider your workout routine. How many days a week do you work out? Do you stay with the same routine, or try to get new ideas and add some zing to your workouts?

News flash!

You must change up your workouts daily to wake up your muscles to perform in new ways . Do you have a certain image of how you want to look and feel (other than the obvious, which is your best!) on your wedding day? In order to match your vision, you must continually change up your workouts!

Do you have an action plan for getting there? I would bet that you may have some sense of how you would like to look but may not know exactly what you should be doing. Am I correct? 

When I'm unsure about where to start to achieve a goal, I go back to the basics of whatever it is that I want to accomplish. I want to do it right! 

I've compiled a list to get you on your way or maybe even out of your own way!

What you truly want to feel is fabulous and FIT! Focusing on fat loss is essential for a fit bride. Here's how to maximize your results! Let me know how they work for you and remember to share these with your friends. Add in your own and create a new game plan for a successful workout strategy that will bring you in at your best ever bridal body!!

Fast Tips for Fat Loss

1. Always aim for 12-15 reps per set. Always aim for 3 Sets. 

2. Resting in between sets is highly variable, depending on your fitness level. If possible, do a jog in place(keep up those knees to raise up the intensity...therefore more fat burning) for 30 seconds in between sets. If you have been exercising, rest for 10-15 seconds in between sets. This raises your stamina level and heightens your metabolism, burning more fat.

3. Focus on using good form in the exercise, not speed. This reduces your chance of injury and as you feel more fluent in the new exercises, you will speed up automatically.

4. Always get approval from family and a doctor before starting a new fitness or exercise program. 

5. Train 3 days a week, resting at least a day between training. Take a vigorous walk or ride your bike at a moderate pace for 30 minutes and allow your muscles to adapt, all while your now fat burning capabilities of your metabolism are speeding up daily.

6. Review your daily way of eating with a dietician or nutritionist that can support you in your goals. Eating "clean" and fat burning to hand and hand. However, you can learn the tricks of raising your fat burning potential through diet as well. Adding in portion control and strategizing when to eat certain starchy carbohydrates and good fats can help you meet your goals faster.

7. Listen to your body. Start with 1 circuit if you are a beginner, and rest 30 seconds between each set. Stop when you run out of steam.

Intermediate: Push yourself, but never compromise your form. Do 2-3 circuits and rest 10-15 seconds between exercises, Or Light 30 second jog.

Advanced: Do 3 circuits. Rest 30 seconds between circuits and add in a 30 second high knee jog in between each exercise.

Try this Fat Burning Circuit Workout!

Unsure of the correct form of any of these exercises? There are great YouTube videos to show you every move correctly! Just go to your YouTube app and search the exercise!

 1. Walking Lunge 

2. Swiss Ball Glute Bridge

3. Push-Up

4. Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

5. Superman(woman!) with Arm sweep

6. Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl

7. Reverse Crunch with Swiss Ball


Enjoy your results!!