Wedding Guest Expenses

You may think you're forking out a small fortune to give your guests the time of their lives on your wedding day, but have you ever thought about their expenses? Believe it or not, attending a wedding costs a pretty penny as well and we've done a little research on those average costs!

Average Cost for A Wedding Guest:


With the average cost of a gift being $109 in 2014 and $592 for all other wedding-related expensive, you can see why it can be difficult for out of town guests to attend, especially if they're bringing along their family.

Think about it, $592 per person PLUS a $109 gift! That's a lot of money!

What guests have to pay for:

- The Gift: We all know that!

- Pre-Wedding Festivities: engagement parties, bridal showers, travel, and gifts for all of them!

- Travel: to and from the wedding (gas, flights, etc.)

- Transportation: rentals cars if they flew in town, taxi to and from the wedding

- Hotel: for at least the night, if not the weekend or week

- Attire: a dress, tux, suit, haircut, hairstyle, hair color re-touch, shoes, clutch, etc.

- Day Care: for the kids or even the pets!

So as you can see, there is a lot of planning (and $$) that goes into being a wedding guest. Ironic, isn't it??

Keep it to A Minimum

You've probably never even thought about it, but weddings aren't cheap for your all. So when choosing your wedding location, your room blocks, and decicing whether or not to provide a shuttle for your 150 guests, just remember, they are spending a good amount of money to be there. And of course they're doing it because they love you and wouldn't miss this day, but still. You can also do your part to keep their costs as a minimum :)

Statistics via  Market Watch

Statistics via Market Watch