The (Not So) Overwhelmed Bride

Written with love, by Jillian Reeder

If you find yourself fighting to fall asleep every night during the months leading up to your wedding date, you aren’t alone! Stop counting wedding cake tiers to doze off, run your days a little more stress-free to rid sleep-less nights and high blood pressure.  Keeping these simple tips and facts in mind can create a more productive planning process for you and your bridal party!

1.)    Certain foods can boost your serotonin levels  and bring down your cortisol levels.  Most are probably familiar with serotonin, the chemical that regulates your moods; complex carbs which most brides will want to stay far away from will boost your serotonin levels.

Heart healthy and diet plan approved complex carbs to eat range from whole wheat pastas and breads to classic morning meals like oatmeal.

Cortisol is the stress hormone we want to have less of every day. Higher levels of this hormone increases chances of blood sugar imbalance and high blood pressure, and decreases bone density, muscle tissue, and immunity responses.

Cortisol levels can be dramatically decreased by eating oranges and drinking black tea!

 2.)    If you have ever dreamed of a natural alternative to Xanax or Zoloft, it exists. St. John’s Wort is known as a curing herb that comes in both pill and liquid form. It reduces anxiety while also combatting effects from stress we’re often fighting to get rid of the day before the ceremony. Those killer stress breakouts can be cured with the magical wort. Keep in mind when using the liquid form to consult with a doctor if you have sensitive skin.

3.)    Pop a stick of gum in your mouth before all planning and bridal functions take place. Gum has been proven to reduce stress levels and unwanted snacking.

4.)    Craft on! This can be a double-whammy if you are a DIY-kind-of-bride. Claim a night to get together with your bridesmaids and take down 2-3 ideas you are head over heels for and go to town with your ladies. If you aren’t so crafty grab your cabaret and take down the simple cutting and pasting and let your gals take on the more challenging steps.

5.)    Check out these stress-free fix products & carry one that works for you in your purse:

The Relaxx Ring – A personal favorite for hair-tearing days!

Rica Bath Tub Tea – Enjoy a cup of black tea while you soak just like one!

Origins Feel Good Hug Because everyone needs a hug!

Aveda Stress Fix Lotion  This heavenly lotion also has its own tailored Stress-Fix massage if you are conveniently near an Aveda Spa.

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