3 Reasons the Cake Smashing Is A Must // A Groom's Perspective

As you all know, I've been blogging The Overwhelmed Bride for a little over a year now. And with so many articles out there written specifically for the bride, I realized that I should include the groom's perspective too - not only for him to read, but for the bride's out there to see things from his side of the story too! And so, what better guest blogger to have than my husband, Frank!

Making his debut as a writer with The Overwhelmed Bride, here it is...

Reasons to smash cake in your new bride's face!


Bridezilla Retaliation

As most of you know, the bridezilla pandemic is as serious and widespread as the common flu among future brides. Chances are, your wonderful and rational fiance will be infected at some point or another during your engagement. It may last only a few minutes, but more severe cases have been known to last up to six months.

What better way to restore balance in your relationship by smearing delicious white frosting in your beautiful bride’s face? I can’t think of a better solution.


Be Playful and Have Fun

You just got married, and everyone already knows you are crazy about each other. That’s a given. You’ve had all day to express your unconditional love in front of your friends and families, and you will most likely take dozens of pictures kissing your new bride’s forehead, whether you like it or not. So it only makes sense to express the fun and playful side or your relationship...and your competitive drive.

But beware: Your bride will likely have just as much motivation to strike at you. Good luck out there, and get ready for game day!  


The Pre-Emptive Strike

In the healthiest of relationships and marriages, disagreements and arguments are bound to occur. The first could come the night of your wedding (perhaps if you have one too many drinks with your groomsmen) or weeks after you tie the knot (maybe if you forget to clean almonds off of the kitchen counter). 

So the most important thing to do is remain calm, think of how much you love your amazing wife, compromise, and remember the time you lovingly placed a respectable-sized piece of wedding cake all over her face.

In my first year of marriage, I can’t count the number of times I wish I had a conveniently located piece of cake available for smashing, but I guess that’s how life is. 

You only get one shot, and opportunities come once in a lifetime.  

Cake Smashing