10 Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos

One of the top priorities of most brides and grooms is booking the best photographer out there! "The photos are the only thing that will last" say many couples. The flowers will die (although you can preserve them), the food and cake will be eaten, the dress will get boxed up, and all that will be left are the memories and the photos and video of your big day.

And I could not agree more! I thought the exact same way!

But once we got our photos back, we looked through them together and loved every minute of it and then clicked "download and save" on our computer.

With all of these amazing shots, there has to be some better uses for them than to leave them stored away on the computer! So here are our 10 favorite things to do with your wedding photos!


Wedding Thank You Cards


Holiday Cards


Coffee Table Photo Album


Canvas or Framed Prints For Your New Home Together




Personalized Clutch


Christmas Ornaments


Cases and Covers for Your Electronics

A Calendar

A Future "Something Old"

Have some more great ideas?? Tag us! We want to see!