3 Foods that May Be Affecting Your Mood

Written with love, by Nikki Lian

Trying to fight the winter blues?  The weather may not be the only reason you’re in a funk.  Although Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real deal, it may not be the shorter and colder days that are affecting your mood.  Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “What exactly am I putting into my body?”  Here are a few ingredients you may be adding to your diet that can lead to a depressive state:


Refined Sugar

From breads to sweets to my personal favorite, jelly bellies… refined sugars-- sugars that are stripped of impurities and color components—are full of empty calories that lack nutrition.  Not only can the extra calories add to your waistline, but it can also deplete your body of nutrients such as Vitamin B.  Vitamin B helps turn food into energy.  If your body is depleted of this mood enhancing nutrient, your energy level will sink to a low, making you not want to do um—anything—but eat more sugar.



You’ve had a long day and want to settle down on your couch to catch up on a few episodes of your favorite TV show or watch the Yankees beat the Red Sox.  A beer probably sounds good right now, or four.  Drink much? Although a cold one or cocktail can make you feel on the “good” side if you’re out partying with your friends, too much alcohol can cause depressant effects such as losing coordination and control.  Alcohol affects the chemistry of the nervous system, specifically your brain.  I’m not saying not to enjoy a tasty, adult beverage every now and then.  But watch your intake!


Artificial Sweeteners

It’s heartbreaking when you finally find something to kick your soda habit.  I, for one, miss my diet coke breaks that I used to take.  How can this all go so wrong?  We find a product we think is an amazing substitute to curb our sugar habits, and low and behold it is not only not good for you, but it is bad for your mental health!  Aspartame actually messes with your brain’s neurotransmitters which causes a reduction in your serotonin levels, which modifies your mood and appetite.  Bummer!

I’m not saying I don’t indulge in a glass of wine or a handful of jelly beans once in a while, but remember it’s all about moderation.  If you’re fighting off a sad state, your intake of these three Debby Downers can be your problem.  Reduce the amount you’re eating, and add some fruits and vegetables to your meals to boost up your mood and fight off the funk!!