Thursdays Are Better

It is quite the lie that Saturdays are the best day to get married. Higher minimums, higher prices, higher airline prices for your guests, and the list goes on.

So if you are currently in the mindset at you HAVE to get married on a Saturday, think again! The best day really to get married, is Thursday. And here is why:


Take your pick!

When you first call a potential vendor, what is the first question you ask before the conversation eve gets started?

Do you have my date available?

Well since Thursdays are so rare for weddings compared to Saturdays, you won't have to worry about vendors already getting booked by another bride, and you won't have to rush to make decisions and sign contracts, just to ensure that your date doesn't get booked before you. So you pretty much get to take your pick when it comes to vendors AND venues.


You can't get married here!

Most venues have the highest minimums and highest prices on Saturday evenings. So if you fall in love with your dream venue but are unable to hit their minimum due to a smaller budget or smaller guest list, you may just be able to book that dream venue on a Thursday instead of a weekend.

Venue Coordinators love nothing more than to book Thursday weddings, so I'm sure they will throw you a deal that will make your jaw drop!


It's vacation time!

Your guests love weddings, and they'll take any excuse to get out of the office and off to a vacation! So make your guests' time away from home a REAL vacation!

Think about it, if a guest flies out on Friday night, has the wedding to go to on Saturday, and flies back home on Sunday, that is more hectic than relaxing! Although a blast, it just can't count as a vacation.

But if they fly out on Wednesday evening after work and have the wedding to go to on Thursday, then they have Friday, and Saturday for vacation time, and it's just more fun for everyone! And you'll get to spend quality time with them after the wedding, not just a 20-second "hello" with a hug during dinner as your wedding coordinator pushes you along to the next table.


The B-Listers

Couples are always worried that guests won't be able to get off of work. But in reality, if a guest is that close to you, they will find a way to get out of work. Use a sick day, a vacation day, or even a non-paid day, they will do anything and everything to ensure they are there on your wedding day.

But for the guests that you just "had-to-invite-because-they-invited-you-to-their-wedding" or the ones that "I-just-feel-bad-not-inviting-him," they may actually get weeded out if your wedding just isn't important enough to skip work for.

And with that comes magic...less you have to spend on your wedding and more savings for you!


Whether you are in a budget-crunch or your dream venue is booked every Saturday for the next two years and you want to get married in six months, there are a plethora of reasons why Thursdays are the very best day to get married. So take your pick!