What to include in your Welcome Bags

A question that we get all of the time is, "What should I include in my welcome bags?"

Welcome Bags are a newer phenomenon added to the wedding industry so if you have never heard of them or just never knew what they are, here is a quick rundown:

Basically, they are little "favors" typically placed at each guest hotel room so that upon arrival, their welcome bag is waiting for them! Couples who have a welcome party or a rehearsal dinner that includes a majority of the wedding, may just hand the welcome bags out there, because hotels do charge $3-7 per bag just to place them in the rooms.

So what am I supposed to put in them?

There really is no right or wrong answer, but today we're going to give you some ideas to get those creative juices flowing!


Emergency Kits

As you all know, we are such a big fan of these little wedding-weekend emergency kits from BeCollective on Etsy! Purchase these little bags and fill them with items such as mints, Advil, and mini disposable toothbrushes! The options are endless!

Bleudog Fotography

Bleudog Fotography


Pop Bottles!

This is one that you may want to check with the hotel on first (especially if they are delivering them to guest rooms), but what better way to start off the wedding weekend than with a bottle of bubbly! No matter where we go, that's pretty much the tradition for my hubby and I for every vacation and every weekend getaway! So start that tradition with your guests, whether it is a mini bottle for each person, or a full-bottle of your favorite!

Take is a step further, and get those labels personalized for your wedding!



For those of you who like to drink (alcohol), there is nothing better than waking up in the morning with that nasty alcohol breath, only to turn over and sit a full bottle of clear water sitting right next to you! You don't even have to leave your bed! ...can't get much better than that :)

So give your guests one of the best gifts of all and personalize some DIY labels to dress it up a bit!


Baby, it's cold outside!

Whether you are getting married in the snow or on a sunny beach, it's always fun to include something that your guests will make use of on the wedding night!

Blankets for them to snuggle up with during your ceremony or for an outdoor reception, or even some personalized sunglasses to keep them from squinting all ceremony long!

Brit + Co

Brit + Co


Anything that your guests can munch on throughout the weekend, is something that they'll truly be thankful for! Because in a room full of nothing but a fully stocked mini bar (where snacks cost an arm and a leg), I'm sure those munchies will be gone by the end of the night!

Some ideas are:

chocolate, pretzels, snack mix, chips, gum, mints, and the ideas are endless!

What do we do now?

Especially for those guests who are from out of town, you don't want them spending their days researching what to do in the area. You want them to go out and have some fun! This is vacation time too!

So include a little DIY brochure of things to do in the area, and how to best get there! Include addresses, phone numbers, and prices of your favorite activities so that fun is just one Uber ride away and they can make the most out of each day!