The Best Way to DIY

It's difficult enough finding time to see all of my friends, with so much going in my life. And getting my wedding plans together on top of that?? There was just no way! I had to address invites for hours on end, put together our s'more kit favors, and get everything in place over our six month engagement. Not to mention, I was working a full time job! So there really wasn't much time left in each day to go out to dinner or have a glass of wine with friends. And that truly was a shame!

Recently, I've been thinking about the brides who love crafting and all of the work they have to put into their weddings. I barely did anything DIY and I didn't have enough hours in the day? So I can't imagine how all of you DIY'ers manage!

And so, I've come up with the perfect solution:

Kill two birds with one stone!

Invite your friends over for a DIY party! Grab a couple of pizzas, some wine, and craft the night away! Not only does this give you time to spend with your friends, but you get your wedding plans done in the meantime!

And DIYing with your friends is far more fun and exciting than doing it alone!

It's the best of both worlds!

You could schedule monthly get-togethers with different themes - pizza night, Taco Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, or even a pot luck where you all bring you favorite foods! But no matter when and where, it'll get you one step closer to getting your wedding planned, and one step closer to your best friends. How can you say no to that?

Now I want to hear from our DIY brides. How did you manage to get all of your projects completed? Did you ask for help from your friends?