The Final Six Months

Maybe you've had two years to plan or maybe you just got engaged last week! But with a wedding around the corner and 6 months left to plan, there are some items that need to be taken care of, and very important tips I have for you to stay on track!


Don't Stress

I know it may seem a bit cliche, but please do not stress. Everyone and their mother tells you that you need AT LEAST a year to plan a wedding but in my eyes, you're getting fed some very false information.

Planning a wedding in six months is far easier than planning a wedding in a year or two time period.

Yes, I said it! The less time you have to plan (to an extent) the easier it'll be!

Of course, that means more items to check off of your to do list in a shorter amount of time, but you still have the same number of items to check off that list as someone who has two years to plan. And here is why...

I once planned a wedding from start to finish in 10 days. Yes, 10 days. And to be completely honest, it sounded almost impossible when I first spoke with the couple, but as we began planning, I began to realize that it was one of the easiest weddings I had ever planned!

As we began booking vendors and making timeline and wedding day decisions, I knew and they knew that a decision needed to be made, and it needed to be made now. So many couples think, "I like both of these photographers and I just can't decide! I have two years to think about it and come to a decision, so that's plenty of time!"


It is now only a couple months before the wedding and that decision you thought you had plenty of time to make, now needs to be made. And it becomes more stressful than ever! You thought you had plenty of time, and you were stressed about making a decision and now with even less time, you become even more stressed about making your decision.

And so, with less time to put these items off, decisions are made quicker and items are checked off of your to-do list NOW, rather than waiting until later.


Limit Your Options

Instead of choosing between 10 venues, only look at three. Don't waste your time speaking to vendors who are over your budget or venues that won't fit your guest count. Limit your choices, and your decisions will be far easier!


Make A Decision and Move On

Deciding between two venues may be a touch call, and putting it off won't help. Whether it's now or in six months, you'll still love the same things about each venue and you'll still have a decision to make. So make it now, and move on.

Boy does it feel great to check items off of that list :)

Quick Tip: If you are having trouble with this, mark dates in your calendar when you HAVE to make these decisions by. These are your homework assignments and they cannot be late. So no matter what, your deadlines have to be met, just as your school work must get turned in on time. There is no other option.


Purchase "Hitched in A Hurry"

One of the best wedding planning guides for those of you who are planning your wedding in 6 months or less, only have 6  months left, or just for any bride in general, is called "Hitched In A Hurry," by Karley Kiker. It can be purchased here.

So whether you have four years or four months left you plan, make your decisions and move on, and have fun doing it! Because as always, if at the end of the day you are happily married, then that is all that matters :)