Alone time?

I know we had a marriage post earlier this week on why you want to get married, and it stirred some conversation and thoughts! So today, once again, I don't have advice, but yet again I have a discussion for all of us! No one has a perfect marriage, so discussing is key to finding the answers that work the best of each of our relationships!

Today, I really want to just hear from all of you, married or not, on the issue of time.

In marriage and in relationships in general, everyone always says that we need some alone time, away from our spouse, in order to have a true healthy relationship. We need time with our girls, time with just the guys, or just time to snag a 20 minute coffee break alone and sit and read a book.

Everyone always seems to agree but I can't help but think I'm a bit crazy when it comes to time.

I am totally the EXACT opposite when it comes to my own marriage, and I am starting to wonder, "Am I the only one? Or should we really focus on this alone time thing?"

Theresa Bridget Phtography

Theresa Bridget Phtography

I cannot live a day without my husband. I kiss him goodbye around 8:10am every morning, and because I work from home, I get to see him pretty much every day at noon for lunch. He heads back to work and is home by 5:07 and we spend the rest of the night together.

When I have weddings on the weekends, he typically shows up toward the end to "help" me - but really, it's just so we can see each other more. A couple weeks back he had a less than 24 hour business trip and I thought I was going to die! We travel together, I hang out with his friends and he hangs out with mine. And we are pretty much inseparable...always.

So really, I would love to hear your thoughts on spending time alone, without your partner. If you are in a relationship, have thoughts on the issue from past relationships, or better yet, are an expert in love, I would love to hear from you!

Are we still in the "honeymoon stage" after two years of marriage? Should we push ourselves away from each other every once in a while to get this alone time in?

Tell us what you think!