We plan WITH you, not FOR you

Today may come across as a little bit "venty" but in reality, I want it to be a learning experience for each any every one of you. The ultimate goal of The Overwhelmed Bride is to teach you how to plan a wedding, the in's and out's of the industry, the faults and mishaps that many brides run into, and to ultimately keep you from getting stressed out and upset through the planning of your wedding!

So here I go!

I highly recommend that EVERY bride gets a wedding coordinator, whether it be to plan the entire wedding, or to be there just the month or day of the wedding. If you need a little convincing, head to our coordination page to learn why you should hire a wedding coordinator.

Now that I have you convinced, you're all ready to hire your perfect coordinator! Just like every other vendor you hire, it is important that you mesh well with your coordinator, that the price is right (or more, what he/she provides for the price offered), and that you trust him or her to plan your wedding alongside you and your fiance.

There is a key word in there...ALONGSIDE.

No, your wedding coordinator is not there to plan your entire wedding FOR you, but to plan it WITH you!

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I can research photographers, find the exact photography style you are looking for, with a personality that meshes well with yours and with a price that works right with your budget. I can set up your appointment on a day and time that is perfect for you and your fiances' schedules, review the entire contract and make necessary changes, but at the end of the day, signing on the dotted line and swiping that credit card is up to you and up to you only.

As a wedding planner, I do all of the above and more and most of the time, I urge my couples to make decisions as quickly as possible, so they can move on with the next item and the next vendor, and just enjoy the rest of their engagement rather than meeting potential photographer after potential photographer. But in some cases, it isn't always that easy.

Moral of the story?

You can only get out what you put into it.

And that counts for every vendor you hire! If you don't respond to emails and calls, there is nothing I can do to continue planning with you. If you won't make a decision on songs or respond to an appointment request with your DJ, there is nothing they can do to help you plan the details of your day!

So as much as you want to sit back and relax, the reality of planning a wedding is that you DO need to be involved no matter how much behind the scenes work your vendors do for you! If you'd like me to plan your entire day, have a credit card on file for you, and not ask you about anything, I would be more than happy to do so. But in my eyes, a wedding should reflect the couple and every couple is different. So when your coordinator or florist or videographer emails you, respond. And the planning will be as seamless as possible :)

We are here to help you with everything and anything, but it it YOUR wedding day so we are there to plan WITH YOU, not for you!